School Report

Mathematics A+ What can we say?
English Literature:A [ she’s read it all and more] Whatever it is!
Sarcasm: Could do better if she didn’t try so hard & was willing to hurt others
Anxiety A+:Must trust in God if possible or if not tremble all day
Honesty: Ought to get less honest if she is to survive in our Society
Kindness:Too much for her own good.We hope to put her into Special Needs soon to learn to be more cruel and how to tell lies
Physics B+ : she is obsessed by mercury and so are all the class
Chemistry D:She doesn’t know what this is yet
Biology: C- The less said the better.
Latin A+ : The best pupil but will it be of any real use?
French A+: Definitely likes languages and patterns.Is it autism?
Concentration A+ : Needs to decide where to direct this now.Seen looking at maps of Lake District under the desk when the English teacher was talking about Thomas Hardy.He never went up North
Ambition: lacking any ideas apart from writing a book about Topology [ whatever that is]
She does like doughnuts though
Thoughtfulness: must do worse
Virtue: Ditto.Jesus mixed with sinners I tell her.
Greed:Judging by her extreme thinness she needs to develop this rapidly {oh,happy time]

Art C+ Just look at these cats.Would you agree they have human eyes?

The nuns are scared of her and so are the boys.What to do?

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