Threatening phone call

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

This morning my mobile rang coming from Bradford [fake] phone nr
A man with a threatening voice told me he was from HM Customs
and if I didn’t press number 1 onmy phone I’d be in prison by next week
He has an English accent but obviously doesn’t know about how long it takes
to go to court etc
Even though I knew it was spam, it was unnerving

2 thoughts on “Threatening phone call

  1. I let everything go to the answer-phone – if they really want you, they’ll leave a message and you can decide whether to reply. It saves the stress from spam calls

    1. I was taken by surprise because it was on my mobile. & from an area where I know people,I suppose there must be vice ail
      I have blocked calls from unknown people but suppose it’s the Covid people?
      I’ve never had such a threatening one but it was overplayed.I would not be in prison next week for owing money to the Customs people

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