Corona,diabetes etc

I read a sad story yesterday written by a woman whose father died after waiting 4.5 hours
for an ambulance & he had covid 19
She mentioned that the first time he was in hospital they said his blood sugar was too low.She replied, that was impossible as he was taking all his diabetes medication correctly
This shows how little people know about diabetes
Diabetics have too much sugar in their blood.The medication removes some of this sugar
but it can reduce it too much.Then you can faint, fall etc
The tablets do not cure they try to control
My husband had this and had many falls some serious when he fainted onto the War Memorial
and injured his brain, broke his nose & cheekbone and damaged his eye
also left a large pool of blood which my neighbours saw coming back from work
I studied diabetes and possible various treatments
On the other hand my brother had it & after the best diet ,he was no longer
classified as diabetic.
If you are on such meds,carry a few sweets and if you feel faint suck one chew one
Then, as soon as you can, eat a sandwich with protein
If you go out for the day take a sandwhich as you can’t miss a meal
You’d better not believe just me.Look it up and find out for yourself

piece of delicious cheesecake on plate

2 thoughts on “Corona,diabetes etc

  1. It’s good to point this out as there are many misconceptions about diabetes. I had a diabetic colleague at work and always kept a tube of Dextrosol in my desk. Once he started to get low sugar, he used to become irrational and it was hard to persuade him to take the glucose but the effect was almost instantaneous.

    1. I don’t know why doctors don’t tell people this.Some people can become violent.My husband used to shout at me when we were eating in the evening so I began giving him a snack at 4 pm and he was fine.He once terrified some nasty neighbours….. thinks…….
      I know someone who has severe kidney failure.She believes a medication must exist to cure this
      I feel sad.

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