My arm was paralysed

When I wrote in a poem that my arm was paralysed when I planned to write
something hurtful about someone who had hurt me,it really happened
I wrote the beginning and middle but the revenge I could not write at all
So has my conscience got control ……I didn’t think,I just felt puzzled
I could not move my hand or arm until I decided I was not going to retaliate
After that I was able to finish the poem.
Unfortunately I usually have to work it out for myself

2 thoughts on “My arm was paralysed

  1. Well,I did not and do not have a guilty conscience,David,Someone injured me seriously
    I was going to write about it & say how I felt about them.They would
    not have seen the poem.However I think retaliation is not a good idea#
    even if it is in a poem.Since my husband died I’ve had other strange
    I had a bad fall in November and still am in pain & should be vaccinated
    soon… but have injured my upper arms.I don’t know if they will do it.
    I am tired of being alone after 11 months
    I am worried about the USA.I hope Trump will do no more stupid things
    It must be hard for you


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