Words like stones

Now we are Great Britain all alone
Even Ulster may soon separate
Across the Irish sea and its bright foam

We have frenzied quarrels,not debate
Words are thrown with violence like sharp stones
The B ritish people are degenerates

OK you think the EU overgrown
You long for English culture that has passed
Why the hatred, why the shouts and moans

Now we can’t go out, the virus swarms
Isolation ends the Brexit War
Perhaps it helps our feelings , perhaps ends scorn

We hear the News and most of its a bore
Noone trusts the experts,Gove proclaims
In that case what are experts even for?

A “patriot” did kill Jo Cox,oh,Name
Before the Referendum, who’d have guessed?
Are we so at risk, who is to blame?

Is our devastation now our Test?
Is compassion stronger, even blessed?
Give the victims,Lord their welcome rest

I welcome comments and criticism

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