Just the flower

fritillaria_pontica2016-1We are not  straight lines so why compare
The way we  look,  our reading age, our hair
How we pronounce words,  our accents broad
The way we skip or cross the  road, break codes
The speed of mind, imagination’s wit
God Himself and  his sweet Paraclete
Was Peter  better than  his friend St Paul
Who wailed  higher up the Wailing Wall
Was Jesus more than holy. was  he  God?
Bring the measure and its special rod
Is my  joined up writing   quite the best?
Do I boil my hankies  cleaner than the rest
Things that matter have no  linear scale
Ask Jonah if his was the  supreme whale
And if someone sticks a label on your  chest
Saying you are  the loser in the tests
Tell them   we are not a piece of string
Many aspects  make us just the thing

I welcome comments and criticism

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