My mind detached

When I  got white hair I did not know
Women would get envious  of my snow
I suffered it when I had golden locks
Even  though my knees inclined to knock

Once so thin I looked like a mere child
I wore little  skirts, my legs were bared
Then my body wanted to grow large
I got aches and pains my life was hard

My feet swelled up, my toes were all deformed
Then my mind detached,  my eyes were torn
The retinas  disliked   their place  and ran
But where else can  they dwell  but where I am?

If I go deaf and blind  and cannot speak
Some will hate me, jealous of my reach

We see what we expect

We are not false and neither are we true.
We’re not propositions,I’m not you
We have our different selves which are displayed
In our manner  and in what we say

To the teacher we may be polite
To a shy young man we show our heart
With the priest we feel  the breath of God
Dying on his Cross misunderstood

We see what we expect not what is here
Eyes are muddled by our wish  and fear
We need each other so that we can share
Perceptions and emotions we can’t bear

Getting new ideas we can grow
Don’t think we just know it  all,t’ain’t so

In silent peace we humans pray

He explained to me that blossom trees are good
Submitting to God’s will as Muslims should
With reverence they shake their flowers and leaves
Like  butterflies  on thread s and at their ease

How should  we know what act is the best
But  the  God of all will help us through our tests
He shows himself in many different ways
In silent peace we humans pray or gaze

None must   cultivate  a bitter heart
Nor retaliate too quickly  when we smart
What we do comes back to us at last
Be merciful,  for all of us face tests

Now the blossom  shows despite the winds
All can see it ,even those who’ve sinned


This  poem was a inspired  by a cab driver from Bangla Desh