Songs of the Sixties and earlier


If you’re going to ban Francisco
If they’re flowing to  random  outlets
The Sound of Sight Loss
The Sound of Eye Lids
The Pound is Eye Wash
I’ll be your eye tart
Ribchester Cathedral  you”re bringing my down
If you’re seeing the  massive shootings
Life  is what happens when you’re shaking a blue hand
Withering Heights
The bounds of silence
Scarlet Widows with no hair


Ariel, as used by Sylvia Plath in her Bendix
Fairy Snow…. to wash  your knickers a whiter shade of pale.
Fairy Liquid … as passed by real fairies in  the  chanbers
Simple Soap  for people with IQ 65 and a higher degree in mathematics
Talcum Powder…  it’s your cervix  you’re wreckinge
Rock Buns purely from Great Gable,,,  what?


The truth  is hinted at by many lies

I  might have seen there are  a  dozen ways
Perceptible when  near the edge we lie
We take some steps but we don’t have to  stay

What if we don’t have the words to say
We have to go  or  hearts will surely die
I wish I’d  seen there is  another way

Of our life, how many are the days
Few or less with a loved girl or guy
We take some steps but we don’t have to  stay

The  highest form of art is the surprise
The truth  is hinted at by many lies
Could I  have seen there is  another way?

I was  startled when I heard  love’s prayers
The ones who speak don’t need to advertise
We take some steps but we don’t have to  stay

I  might have seen there are  a  dozen ways
Perceptible when  near the edge we lie
We take some steps but we don’t have to  stay

Every moment  now  a baby dies
We  gawp in windows  with our yellow eyes
We  might have seen there are   more caring ways
The anguished  start but why  will noone stay?





Who is Emile?


image1 the cats
By Katherine

Mary stood in the kitchen wondering why the floor was so dirty.It looked as of a  plant pot had fallen over and flung its compost wildly outwards.Emile was standing on his
hind legs   pretending he could dance.
Emile, did you knock  over a pot,Mary cried?
I’ve never seen a plant pot here, he replied honestly with a hint of dramatic rony
Oh,well.I’ll make some tea,Mary murmured loudly as of dropping a hint to her late husband,Stan.
She was wearing a  red fleece dressing  gown and  slippers as she ran upstairs
to read,The Sun.
Suddenly, before she got to the top, her doorbell rang
In ran Dave, the bisexual  paramedic, wearing   his new  dress
What’s wrong,Mary asked petulantly?
I was  just passing and thought I heard a strange noise.His nose dripped like a tap with no washer
Have you got a cold,Emile asked?
Yes, but I am not selling it
Do people sell illnesses?
Yes, some buy polio  germs and send tbem with Xmas  Cards
To whom, asked Annie, who was in the porch.
Their enemies., of course
Well, after Brexit we might all be paralysed as half wanted to leave anmd half didn’t
Since the average reading age in Britain is 9 years most of us could  not understand the information we were given.To read The Guardian  you need a reading of 14.
That explains a lot,said Mary morosely.How can I teach non linear algebra to people who can’t even read the Wailing Nail?
It sounds like the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
A nail is not a wall, said Emile  furtively.
Annie was wearing some shortie pajamas with cats  printed all over
which went well with her amber eyes and long nails,Can I borrow some Weetabix, she asked Mary? I’ll return it
Please don’t, Mary cried in horror.I have   3  packs of Weetabix Protein here
Do you eat them often,Annie teased her?
As  often as possible!
Dave was washing Emile’s feet to practise for Maundy Thursday.
Are  you Jesus, he asked Dave?
How can I be Jesus  and Dave the paramedic at the same time?
Well, if you believe in the Trinity I see no problem
Emile, you are so clever.Noone would believe a cat was so brilliant
Well,said Emile, maybe I am not just  a cat,; his amber eyes turned cerulean blue with joy

Please send some   to us.

Won’t power

Willpower is a tool, but what’s its end?
Hitler willed to make a perfect state
The Jew, the gypsy and the gays he bound

Thinking must be based on solid grounds
If that is missing,madness is  our fate
Logic is a tool, but what’s its end?

We may will an evil that resounds
With efficient railways  never late
The Jews, the gypsies and the gays were burned

Oh,crazed efficiency,oh  Hitler’s gangs
Force of will was harnessed to distaste
Willpower’s just a tool, have we not learned?

God  wrote to the people with his Word
Stammering now, reluctant   he dictates
The  postman comes, the letter must be shared

Pride and arrogance  will  soon ignite
High IQ  is useless against  hate
Willpower is a tool, but what’s its end?
When wrongly used,the evil will ascend



To heal the earth

Hellebore_2020-5We are not the ones to judge our worth
God’s    attention is  for this alone
We  love and find vocation  on the earth

Some are born with what feels like a  curse
Others have  been keen to cast sharp stones
We are not the best judge of our worth

Accidents of time, of place, of birth
Lack of vision,nowhere to call home
Disrupt the  virtue of our life  on  earth

Important  to love God and  enjoy mirth
To  laugh at our pretensions, grin and groan
We are not the best judge of our worth

There is no linear scale. we should not stress
Some may discern value  we don’t know
Acceptance is the aim of  life on earth

And when we’re stricken by a heavy blow
Inside our little hearts is one who knows
We are not the best judge of our worth
We must love and  work  to heal the earth