Oliver Sacks’ autobiography

Photos by Mike Flemming 



Sacks says, “At times, the world seems rife with malevolence, chaos. I am almost overwhelmed, but then it suffices for me

to perceive the spectacle of quiet goodness, say the Little Sisters of the Poor, and everything is all right.


A Dead Sea Cruise

She was built like a brick shithouse
Ya, born with a silver spoon in her mouth
Her momma was like an old brown mouse
And her pa was just a slimy stuck up louse.

She was built like an old doghouse
On the top, sharp eyed vultures used to roost
Her brother has gone for a Dead Sea cruise
Her sister wants to let all hell break loose.

She was in for life with those smart  sharp spooks
A creepy horror in every nook
Her ma never learned her how to cook
She ain’t never even read a single book.

No aphrodisiac ain’t of much use
When the true Furies are on the loose.
Do what you can to cook thet goose
Ain’t so good to blow your own fuse.

No,those Furies are on the ball
They come looking for us one an’ all.
Keep  face hid and ego small…
What’s thet dark shadow on your wall?