Leave a message

Mike Flrmming copyright 2020

Sorry I’m  not  hearing,Leave a message
I can’t  take calls this week,I have a deadline
My   ringer is on and off
I am in bed with a man.He reads  meters.Please don’t call him names
My phone bill is too high.Please  call another idiot savant
I  only skype now since the desktop broke
I don’t like your voice.Go elsewhere
Mother! I thought you had died.Please  ring 999  or  the Mail
Father, no  she is not here.
Neither are you
Thanks for calling me names
I can’t take any more calls.Please  email me at
coldheart 23@boho.net

The call

Hello.God here.We have a message
Please press 9 to continue
I am just going to put you on hold for a minute
Thank you we  value your call
Sorry, you are 24th in the queue
You can leave your numbet and we will call you back asap
All   calls are  recorded for  training  tortoises
Thank you for  quaking.We value your privac
I am God
Please dial 111 now
Thank yoi for phoning
Please ring 999  for  emergencies
Please hang up now and call  our Helpline at MIND