Songs of the Sixties and earlier


If you’re going to ban Francisco
If they’re flowing to  random  outlets
The Sound of Sight Loss
The Sound of Eye Lids
The Pound is Eye Wash
I’ll be your eye tart
Ribchester Cathedral  you”re bringing my down
If you’re seeing the  massive shootings
Life  is what happens when you’re shaking a blue hand
Withering Heights
The bounds of silence
Scarlet Widows with no hair


Ariel, as used by Sylvia Plath in her Bendix
Fairy Snow…. to wash  your knickers a whiter shade of pale.
Fairy Liquid … as passed by real fairies in  the  chanbers
Simple Soap  for people with IQ 65 and a higher degree in mathematics
Talcum Powder…  it’s your cervix  you’re wreckinge
Rock Buns purely from Great Gable,,,  what?


2 thoughts on “Songs of the Sixties and earlier

    1. If you are going to fly to Moscow, be sure to pay half of my fare
      If you are going to risk exposure, be sure to wear a flower and some hait
      If you end up live in Glasgow, the accent is so odd it seems unfait

      I’ve heard “eye candy” twice this week but tarely before that.I think my husband
      felt I was like that… he said once he was so proud of me,,,I thought it was my behaviour\ but it was my new coat which he said hung very well.I never thought like that myself!
      But it’s an ancient instinct to show off!


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