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My Irish accent was so bad it perforated UIster
I asked for  Chicken Kerry in the chip chop
Do we really need Cork’s?
I said,Donegal, not, don’t call
The dentist  lanced my access.
She said I need evasive surgery on my left jaw.Is that right?
And on  the right side I need  to be removed from the legions
He said, try not to  brood but tell us if  it  gets Blogger.
She is  sure  of   chancers  in  the family.
I can get free radiation  from the sun not the NHS
Please  don’t kill Kenny.He’s eaten my dinner.Let him die jestin’
They keep taking  the add on  hordes off me
My phone never stings
Lord  have Mercia
I might be on  the Border after  they check mate me
She died rather than mention  her  vulgar
I’m in dire beet,Tess.Tell me you’re in sin
My book is here.It’s contented.
Have you read the e-pistles yet?
I prefer opera


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