The most stupid thing I’ve read for years




With many homeless people here and across the world, why does the Guardian say we may need a separate room  for sexx in addition to a bedroom? How many people have a house large enough?Who is  the Guardian writing for?
We already have the  fashion pages with ludicrously expensive clothes…… is it time to

Why not go into a wood if you want some thrill?

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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12 Responses to The most stupid thing I’ve read for years

  1. Perhaps that’s what people mean
    when they day, “Get a room!” ? 😎


  2. In drought stricken Australia,
    we don’t waste the the water.
    We just throw the dirty washing
    into the nearest bush fire 🔥😎

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  3. It’s Australia. Floods down south.
    Drought in the middle, Fires to the
    left and the right.


    • Katherine says:

      We had a friend in Sidney but he died in December.No connection to the floods but as he was old and ill I am glad he is not cioing with your terrible weather.We get wind and rain and the summers are hotter.. so we are very lucky.I hope that we will be getting more food from Australia and New Zealand since we left the EU.We used to have NZ butter and lamb.But they have found other markets now,/the British imagine we are going back to the Empire days… so ludicrous


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