Gather ye coal dust by T.May.

I took this photo in 2008

Don’t believe him, it’s  just a contincnce trick
She shelled pea shells in the she store
Gather ye coal dust by T.May.
He’s a psychowrath and sociodeath  made into one
That’s not  a man,it’s my husband.
He’s my brother-in-flaw.
Can  I carry my sister?
She was my aunt by barrage
He tells lies as if he was born to tweet.
If he is a liar, I’ll eat my cat
He’s as honest as the ploy  is wrong.
He tried to talk me into his shed.
I don’t know what the Eskimos know
{ that line  occurred to me in a dream, and I was singing it]
If all goes well,I’ll be wool soon
He was my sweetheart for a shower or two
I don’t like delta x.It comes and goes and yet all calculus depends on it.Talk about  quantum dramatics!
Why do x,y, and z stand for the unknown? I’d prefer names like John,Mike and Fred
dJohn/dFred =3 times round the houses at the speed of fright
I never understood physics and I don’t know y.
He was a mutation alright.He had no strings on his violamb
She used to eat cake for its interference and i-songs

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