Solving a problem by moving to a different level of thinking.

16105763_850061121800434_1233443427841306240_nIf you  think you have low self esteem you can buy a self help book  which claims to help you raise your self esteem.There are a number of ways like uttering affirmations

I am as good as anybody else
I’m brilliant at meditaion
I am the best artist ever

There are no doubt lots of other ways but the best way is to leap to another level
I am not concerned about my so called “self esteem and I do not wish to rate myself or compare myself to  others”
Stop trying to evaluate your self worth


And stop evaluating other people as inferior or superior to you.This does not mean that everything  you do is wonderful.You still need to look at what you create or  how you treat people to see if it is what you want.But you don’t keep measuring your self worth.

Judgement is mine,says the Lord

Trust in God or the  dark Unknown aspect of life.Jesus preferred the humble

Photo0319.jpgJudgement is mine,says the Lord

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