Words are a net to catch the world but the smallest fish drop straight through it



Before we learned to talk we communicated with our mothers and later the family by gestures,cries and body movements.In fact inside the womb, we swam like fish .Then we begin to babble as if we learn the music of our tongue before we learn the individual words.Eventually, we get caught in the web of words and assume without thinking that everything important can be expressed this way.However, when we are with people we still rely al ot on body language and the tones and musicality of the voice itself.An ugly man with a beautiful voice can become very attractive to women.for example.

But later we may come to realise many aspects of life cannot be expressed easily in words.As humans evolved they developed different kinds of language.Poetry and science describe aspects of the world and of the people speaking these languages.Music is one form which does not use words

One  might almost say that with printing and later mass literacy we moved from an oral,bodily centred ,sensuous language to a more abstract less personal way of communication.

However, there are many forms of writing and much more can be expressed this way than most of us know… but when we come to the edge of the world of language .. we realise that the sacred,the ineffable,the holy may be beyond the powers of even the best poets.Yet they can point us there,Music and art may give a more vivid enchantment which we recognise but of which we find it hard to speak.

Words are a net to catch the world but the smallest fish drop straight through it

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