St Peter tried to hawk the water.


The virgin Mary assumed it was heaven.
Jesus had no socks.
St Paul had a fit on the   road  to Erasmus.
St Peter portrayed Christ thrice.
St Peter  tried to hawk the water.
St John  had a  Word to offer.
The Jews are God’s people  because they saw the  Burning Bush before we did.I only felt it.
Prophets were turned into profits by Economists.
The Pope is advised by a  neon Arc Angel.
Jesus had twelve friends on Facebook.The pages were called  the Epistles.
St Paul was  so prolific he sent letters whenever he fancied it.That was before privatisation of the Toil Mail,of course.
The Romans were good at conkers and watching lions eat people.
The Cirque du Trialle.
History is  what we can find on old documents and barcodes.
God wanted his son to die.It was  pre-Oedipus.They could not both louvre the same lady
And she said,may your thrill begin on earth as it does in heaven

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