I have sifted earth

I have walked the silent paths of grief
Sunless,dreary,cold and all alone.
I have slept on beds of winter leaves.

I know that death’s an avaricious thief.
Although my heart weeps and my joy has gone.
I have never felt I was deceived.

I have learned that human life is brief.
I have learned by sorrow we’re undone.
I have sifted earth and what’s beneath.

I felt dark emotions in me seethe
While I have been mocked by glaring sun.
I have learned the geography of grief.

I wait in silence for this life to cease
Or will a fluttering wing make chaos come,
Change my heart and give me a fresh lease?

Unconsoled grief can make us dumb
Into our hearts, we drag the ice that numbs
I have walked the silent paths of grief
I have made my bed on winter leaves.

2 thoughts on “I have sifted earth

  1. I’d never heard of the vilanelle form before reading your post and had no idea it provided the structure of Dylan Thomas’ famous poem. It’s good to be reminded how much ‘structure’ lies behind poetry, just as in music, and, perhaps sub-consciously, helps to make the work memorable.

    I assume this one is your own and you have captured many aspects of the form.

    1. Yes,I tried it out with two of them snd the others are said to be the best ones written.I found it a bit tricky but also very pleasing to write.Glad to know you like it

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