The pain and value of knowing we do wrong

I have been  wondering why the term sin has almost died out in our language and I think  for many of us who were brought up in a very strict version of Christianity it became too painful to think about it.We were made to feel ashamed  of our failures so much so that we abandon the whole idea of sin.We don’t know as children that it is very difficult to live without making mistakes and our emotions run away with us so that we hurt other children….But now looking at the world as it is,maybe it would be better of more adults admitted making dreadful mistakes.And we know  free will may not be as free as we think.But if we accept we do sin then it makes us more tolerant of others around us…If we were perfect it might make us self righteous and judgemental which to me seems a perversion of religion.Yet this is happening  in the world today.

The three hardest acts

I feel this is important now,that we don’t see the people who voted the “wrong ” way
as bad,evil,unforgiveable.The only obvious thing is how can people not find out what the EU is until after they vote to leave it?I believe it was really a vote of no confidence in the government..But we all have to live together and also we need to stop the new increase in racism and how people feel they can say anything at all.