The danger of IQ tests



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Although I only scored 73 which makes me almost mentally backwards,I know quite well that I am intelligent but suppose I didn’t?It was very harmful when these were used at 11 plus.Some of the questions had in fact more than one answer and also they are not culture free.The one I did was very visual which was not a good one for me to do.I found it tiring.
And of you did one and got a low score,ignore it and follow your bent.If you want to write then write.If you do it every day you will get better.A friend of mine wrote three villanelles last week after I put a post on Facebook.She said it was  like doing a jigsaw puzzle but, if she writes more, maybe she will  find herself in the writing and  it may not be just an exercise.She did  two by will power but the third was inspiration so I imagine she could write more but she’s writing up some historical work  and is behind on that.
I hope that anyone who’d like to draw or write will do it instead of watching some awful TV programmes which are repeated through the summer.Or grow plants,knit or bake bread.Let your mind roam free or muse over whatever is happening to you.

More proverbs

another insect bite 3

I made this from a photo of a bleeding insect bite on my leg a few years ago.Nothing has bitten me lately,thank goodness.

Malabar Proverbs

  • 1. Anger is a stone cast into a wasp’s nest. Anger is a stone cast into a wasp's nest.. Malabar Proverb.
  • 2. Anger is as a stone cast into a wasp’s nest. Anger is as a stone cast into a wasp's nest.. Malabar Proverb.
  • 3. Anger is more hurtful than the injury that caused it. Anger is more hurtful than the injury that caused it.. Malabar Proverb.

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In proverbs we see ordinary people knew years ago what the  dangers of anger were
And like other pernicious emotions it is best allowed to die down naturally or by distraction or talking to a friend.But now we might  feel a lack of confidence and wonder if we should ask an expert.The experts’ views on anger change constantly but one might believe that moderation in all things is a wise path

Sentences which puzzle the mind


5 . A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed

The letter combination “-ough” has nine possible pronunciations in English (depending on regional dialect), and this delightful sentence contains them all: “uff,” “oh,” “auh,” “ow,” “uh,” “oo,” “off,” and “uhp.” How’s that for a tongue-twister?

When true love’s gone

When true love’s gone and doom hangs over head
When life runs like a river to the sea
Then shall I take new lovers to my bed?
And with their carnal touch consoled be?

When my love lies,so breaks my tender heart.
When life seems grey and rocks bestrew my path.
Then, shall I my life of evil start?
And on the world shall I bestow my wrath?

When true love lies and wrecks all loyalty.
When puzzlement makes all my world seem mad.
Then I shall upend causality
And let myself do deeds which make me glad.

For I have love’s sweet child inside my soul
And I shall tend her till at last she’s whole

How to annoy people

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1.Never offer visitors a cup of tea or any other drink
2.Never look at people while you are listening to them
3.Always ask them why they go to the library  so often especially if their partner is present
4.Always ask why they don’t carry a camera all the time like you do
5.Always ask why they  do or don’t  have an i phone.
6.Always  ask if they use  he well known  cookery book  “Left over for tomorrow” by Marika Hanbury Tenison.
7.Take them to Mc Donalds for their dinner.
8.Wash up in between courses while entertaining.Sing as well.Feed the cat and go to the loo before offering pudding.Use the coffee set your in laws gave you.
9.At 9 pm go to bed.Ask them to shut the door when they leave then get up and write your first novel.Then go to bed again.
10.Take a lumia selfie and make it into a poster and ask all your friends  what they think.

Patient silence

The cause of sadness  also shows its end;

That we let go the loved one and remain.

Such comfort,aid and love we have from friends

Helps us bear the heart’s most dangerous pain.


But if our friends  fear their own  hidden  grief.

If sorrow is never let to touch their heart;

Then friendship’s stolen by a nervous thief;

As wishing to retain our self,we part.


The friends who sit in silent company

Who look for no reward yet love us true

Who show,  quite clear, desireless empathy;

They are friends who warmth and  hope imbue.


Patient silence may do more than  words

The utterance of the heart is not absurd.

Moros was Greek for foolish

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Goodbye,Stan whispered


Mary stood at the bus stop in her chocolate wool winter coat which Stan had always loved.
It hangs so well,he had told her.
The optional imitation fur collar had been removed as she preferred natural garments made from wool with no ostentation.As a matter of fact she has one of Stan’s woollen vests on under her gold silk top.Her hair fell in light blonde curls around her pensive face and her eyes looked as if she were seeing a dim vision of the Matterhorn in midwinter.
Suddenly she realised the bus was there and she put her card up to the machine before looking for a seat.The bus was rather full so she sat down next to a youth with an i phone hanging from his hand.Suddenly it rang.His chosen theme was, Please release me, sung by Tom Jones.Mary smiled as, if she were near Tom Jones she would need no invitation to free him.The youth began to speak rather louder than normal.
Mary tried not listen but it was impossible.She was too hot as well..Wearing Stan’s vest was a mistake as the bus was overheated.She turned pink like sunrise over ICI in Billingham as the pollution had a beautifying affect.
I’m sorry I wore your vest,she told Stan.
I should have given them away but I was trying to save money on heating.Still I will be home soon.
Where is your microphone, the youth demanded.It must be one of those new tiny ones.
A microphone? Mary said curiously.
Yeah, he cried.I assume your phone is in your pocket.
Actually it’s in a pocket in my knickers,she informed h m in a manner resembling that of a mildly dotty scientist.We used to wear these knickers in the gym at school.
Did you not wear a top? he enquired,his eyes running over her hourglass figure like water falling off High Force in Teesdale. in summer storms.
Well.I didn’t have a bra until I got my grant to attend university,she told him sensitively.
Well,that’s news to me,he said.So you had to wear a bra at University? That was before feminism,of course.Did you burn it later?
Certainly not,said Mary.I’d been longing for one but my mother didn’t seem to notice my development which was her way of coping with adolescent girls.Of course my brothers may have noticed but they were too nervous to tell Mother I needed anysupport.We were all so shy and afraid.Anyway be quiet now,I want to speak to my husband.
Have you had your phone on all this time? he asked anxiously.
No,I don’t need it to talk to him,she responded.
Why,where is he? the youth enquired sardonically.
He’s on my knee,Mary informed him.In this bag.She pointed to her hessian shopping bag.
I have just been to the Coop for him.I ought to have got a cab as he is quite heavy.
Jesus Christ,cried the youth,hastily pressing the bell before leaping off the bus into a small pond that had been created b Hurricane Desmond.He swam away into the cold night.
Well. that shut him up,Mary said to Stan.
Mary,don’t become less gentle and kind,Stan said in her ear.
I can’t be gentle now,she said.It’s a nasty tough world without you to help me and tell me what you think of Jeremy Corbyn.And do I need to have a roast dinner at Xmas or just some toad in the hole?
I am sorry,sweetheart he murmured.Maybe you need assertiveness training.
I’ll just get more aggressive,she replied.Micro-aggressive perhaps.
You’ll need more than micro in this era,he continued.Mary forgot to get off the bus and found herself in the Leisure Centre by the River Lee
What about the river,Stan, she asked.Would you like me to throw you in.A policeman standing near by ran over.
Madam, is it suicide or murder, he asked her.
No,it’s a life sentence,she said humorously as she put her hand up her skirt to get her phone.
That’s a silly place to keep your phone he said.Anyway don’t call a cab,I can run you home in my car.Have you got any China tea?I could kill for a hot drink.
I have some lapsang souchong,she told him.Do you fancy that? I do called Stan from the bag.The policeman passed out.
I told you not to get a boyfriend yet,he continued to Mary.
I’ll do whatever I feel like,she said rudely.I could use a comforting arm around me.
Stan sobbed.
She said,quickly
Don’t worry.I’ll get Emile to sit on my knee.Goodbye for now.
Goodbye whispered Stan faintly.
Good bye…. goodbye

Post modern fascism?

Nice Reacts After Truck Attack
NICE, FRANCE – JULY 15: A man reacts as people lay flowers at the site where a truck drove into a crowd on the Promenade des Anglais on July 15, 2016 in Nice, France. A French-Tunisian attacker killed 84 people as he drove a truck through crowds, gathered to watch a firework display during Bastille Day celebrations. The attacker then opened fire on people in the crowd before being shot dead by police. (Photo by Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images)

I had no idea that it took so long to find homes for survivors of the death camps

The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

Displaced Persons Camps

The Displaced Persons Camps (DP camps) which were set up in Austria, Italy, and the Western occupation zones of Germany, held more than 200,000 Jews. During the first few months, until the liberating armies formulated a clear policy toward them, the survivors lived in extremely harsh conditions in these DP camps. They were even occasionally housed with German prisoners and Nazi collaborators. In the autumn of 1945, in the American occupation zone and later in the British zone, a policy took shape that substantially improved the lives of the Jewish DPs. They were housed in separate camps where they were given some authority to manage their own affairs. Here they created an intensive political and cultural life. Many of them married and started families.

In 1946 and 1947, the number of DPs in the camps rose substantially, as additional Jewish refugees continued to arrive from Eastern Europe, many through the �Beriha’ movement (The Beriha was a Zionist organization, which tried to aid survivors in leaving Europe for the Jewish Homeland). The increase of the DPs population affected the international public opinion, a fact that exerted increasing pressure on the British and American governments in order to find a solution to their situation. This kind of activity was especially evident in Zionist political groups, where attempts at clandestine emigration to Palestine increased. The opening of Israel’s borders after it’s independence, as well as the adoption of more lenient regulations in western countries regarding the immigration of survivors, led to the closure of most of the DP camps by 1950. Föhrenwald, the last functioning DP camp remained in existence until 1957.

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Back to reality:the way we were and are

I have a Jewish friend who asked me why the Allies did not help the Jews in Europe.It seems not unlike the fear of letting in immigrants now… but worse.And we know Churchill did questionable things like bombing Dresden which had no military reason.In fact if you read the novel Dresden Green  you will find that it was full of refugees.

Dresden Green

Main article: Bermuda Conference

From April 19, 1943 through April 30, 1943, during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 19 April to 16 May, representatives of the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States held an international conference at Hamilton, Bermuda. They discussed the question of Jewish refugees who had been liberated by Allied forces and of those who still remained in Nazi-occupied Europe. The only agreement made was that the war against the Nazis must be won. The US did not raise its immigration quotas and the British prohibition on Jewish refugees seeking refuge in the British Mandate of Palestine remained in place. A week later, the American ZionistCommittee for a Jewish Army ran an advertisement in the New York Times condemning the United States efforts at Bermuda as a mockery of past promises to the Jewish people and of Jewish suffering under German Nazi occupation.[8] Szmul Zygielbojm, a member of the Jewish advisory body to the Polish government-in-exile, committed suicide in protest.[4]