September song by Geoffrey Hill who died June 30 2016

Undesirable you may have been, untouchable
you were not. Not forgotten
or passed over at the proper time.

As estimated, you died. Things marched,
sufficient, to that end.
Just so much Zyklon and leather, patented
terror, so many routine cries.

(I have made
an elegy for myself it
is true)

September fattens on vines. Roses
flake from the wall. The smoke
of harmless fires drifts to my eyes.

This is plenty. This is more than enough.

To tell you the truth

My doctor was n’t highly astute
He downsized to a  house in Beirut
He said he was deaf
But nevertheless
A chauffeur was hard to recruit.

My dentist came from  Judea  last year
But we call it the West Bank down here
But North,East or South
To tell you the truth
The politics are   projections of fear.

The chiropodist  came here from Ceylon
She came with false eyebrows glued on
For  her thyroid was low
And one way it shows
Is the hair we once had is now  gone.

So  thyroid deprivation’s  effects
Mean you don’t need a  Brazilian  wax
For our hairs are so weak
They fall off with no tweak
But we will not let them labelled as lax.

Now women are not shaved to give birth
So why  treat this terrain with a curse?
A man  who’s mature
Will not do a detour
If a   few curls  protect  his  wife’s purse.



Astute as a newt


New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

Definition of astute in English:


Pronunciation: /əˈstjuːt/


Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one’s advantage:an astute businessman

Pronunciation: /əˈstjuːtnəs/



Early 17th century: from obsolete French astut or Latin astutus, from astus ‘craft’.

Words that rhyme with astute

acute, argute, beaut, Beirut, boot, bruit, brut, brute, Bute, butte, Canute, cheroot, chute, commute, compute, confute, coot, cute, depute, dilute, dispute, flute, galoot, hoot, impute, jute, loot, lute, minute, moot, newt, outshoot, permute, pollute, pursuit, recruit, refute, repute, route, salute, Salyut, scoot, shoot, Shute, sloot, snoot, subacute, suit, telecommute, Tonton Macoute, toot, transmute, undershoot, uproot, Ute, volute

The flow

My old blue fountain pen allows
The ink across the page to flow
Like wet paint from an artist’s brush,
And words come in a rush.
Enchanting through the hand which writes,
Bewitched with art, beauty alights.
The script is like a music score
Through which we pass as through a door.
Imagination’s home.
As , you, to me,
The spirits of our hearts are tamed,
By rhythms of pen,of brush,of mind.
They enter vision quite unplanned,
Like moths to flutter softly round
Fire joined heart and hand.
The pen slows down,the hand goes still
And just as dreams at daybreak will,
They shrink,they disappear,they’re gone.
I almost caught that one!

Like new mown grass

13335795_717967215009826_3551374442510483070_nNerve endings shriek
Like new mown blades  of grass
Arms are tender,feel raw inside
As if  the hands can’t deal  with loss
I satisfy them with scented lotion
They want to retract into my body
I have no shell to protect me.
Tension makes me  steely.
But the hands can’t lie
Thin and bony,no fat to  cover
The nerves give out a message
Touch me with your invisible glance.
Embrace me with your  eternal mind.