The nun said I looked stupid

Photo by Artem Lysenko on

The nun said I looked stupid, she was right
I grew blonde curls and cultivated spite
I did not speak grammatically in class
My accent was as broad as a nun’s ass

I mastered sarcasm,humour but not tact
And I showed a face without affect
I never spoke to teachers, just read books
Now and then I gave staff hostile looks

We could not leave the room at any time
So I bled on the chair,I nearly died
The Bishop said that tampons were a sin
And noone ever showed us the way in

The head was angry when I told the truth
God’s existence does not need a proof
God was here before our native tongues
Don’t say we are right when we feel wrong

What anger I encountered when I solved
A problem that the teacher had got wrong
I should have learned my lessons as I grew
The ones I learned then are both old and new

I cannot help the dissonance I showed
Big blue eyes but mind like metal blows
I frightened all the boys away for years
Feminism is easy for bad girls

Does it matter if you are too smart
Seeing round the corners of the heart?
Keep it to yourself that you are weird
You are now the alien men feared

Now I am so old my looks don’t count
My mind is wild but that I can surmount

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