Beauty,lust and brilliance do not last

How can you love someone who is cruel
Beauty,lust and brilliance do not last
Then every word you say is used as fuel 

Masochism and loneliness for fools
Soon your love is in the misty past
How can you love someone who is cruel?

Conversation  must not be a duel
We  should not cling when we are now harassed
When every word we say is used as fuel 

In our breast the heart  may sing and howl
How can we control  our own disgust?
How can any love  the one  so cruel?

Why not take defeat and use  this tool
Change our life  whatever way we trust?
When every word we say is used as fuel 

The wisdom of the heart is  killed by lust
The work of men and women  is unjust
How can you love someone who is cruel
Where every word you say is used as fuel ?

What happens next.. article by Christopher Stone

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. After an initial period of doubt, I’ve come to accept that we must stay indoors, even if we’re well, in order to avoid spreading the virus to those who are more vulnerable, and to free up capacity in our chronically underfunded health service.

I’m not, however, in lockdown. I’m meditating. I’m on retreat. I’ve become a hermit in my own home. The strongest feeling I’ve had since going into isolation is that we’re all being thrown in on ourselves. We’re being made to look inwards. And the really interesting thing about this is that, when you look inside yourself, you find everyone else there too.

I find I have two distinct kind of thoughts: those that are about myself, how I can look after myself and ensure that I come through this crisis intact, my self-preservation thoughts; and thoughts that are about other people, wondering how they’re feeling, and what I may be able to do to help.

The thoughts about other people have more power than the thoughts about myself. If I have a selfish thought I find that it’s almost immediately countered by something more generous. We’re all in the same boat really, all going through the same thing. It’s hard to pretend you’re a special case when everyone’s suffering; hard to make out you’re unique when the whole world is in exactly the same position.

Won’t power

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You must get married if and only if you are mature
That’s rude.I am not  made of cheese.Who are you,anyway?

You must write if and only if you are  always polite
That’s me ruled out then as I am rude on Fridays

You must write a novel if and only if you are related Stephen King
How will you know?

You must write in free verse if and only if you want to be famous
I only want the money.

If your IQ is too high  have your brain reduced in size by reading bad books
How about watching TV?

You must love your father or go to hell or both.
If you are God,I don’t love you anymore
You made me

You must not envy others
Is it  possible by will power alone?

Comsumer Society is based on Envy
And it is base.


I spurned my mother’s cheek.



I spurned the other cheek.
Adjourned  but never leaked
I  spurned  the other’s sheep

I turned the others weak
I learned  maths last week
I burned  like fire to meet
I earned his ire while bleak
I turned the gyre ,oh beak
The falcon cannot speak
My thinking is oblique
I’m spanking fit and neat
My husband’s  hands were sweeet
I churned, my   backside creaked.
Yeats wrote twice a week
Keats’ letters weep.
Was Mozart ‘s mother Greek?
Hebrew is our meat
Did angels  look so chic?
God must be unique.

Lean on others,let them lean on you

Now we can’t go out, we stay within
Let’s not start a war  we cannot win:
Wagner played so loudly  that it hurts
Responses to our friends that are too curt

Even groups set up to help and guide
Cause altercations, splits,and even lies.
People we  idealise  do wrong
Then we feel so hurt we won’t belong

Energy  and fear  make minds derail
Rejection makes us feel we always fail
The great Unknown is there for us to  trust
The inner guide will  often be the best

Lean on others,let them lean on you
Lurching but upright we walk as two

How wars start

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My street has got a WhatsApp group so that older people and sick people can ask someone to buy them food etc
Last night a man put some photographs of 3 coats belonging to his [ex] partner and asked if anyone would like to buy them.
Another person  got angry and said this group is not for such purposes
Now they have both left the group after a few more exchanges… so even something trivial can blow up into a big problem
I think it waas inappropriate  because if others began selling things it would fill up the messaging and detract from the aid being offered to the vulnerable.
But for both to leave seems sad