He won’t like  the crap you shed

I am frightened I’ll run out of food
My   insides are in knots that feel glued
I  feel sick tonight
What was I ate?
The cat’s looking mad  yet amused

The Whiska’s beef ‘s  meant for the cat
I trod on him, he is now flat
I stole his dinner
I am a great sinner
I should eat  both the snake and the bat

This epidemic is my fault, you see
I gave away bat food for free
The homeless have soup
And suffer from croup
The rich  folk denounce liberty

A huge sense of guilt is conceit
In a sense it is also deceit
We’re not omnipotent
Nor are we impotent
We’re in the grey, be discreet

I wonder  what new world we’ll get
When Boris  in aspic is set
He’s having a  baby
It happens  now daily
It’s the mother who’s caught in his net

Fancy  a nappy change now?
Boris  is taking a bow
He won’t like  the crap you shed
When you are in his bed
Well, it’s far too late after the plough

Geese rested

In the distance I hear soft music on the radio.
The air is still and silence holds us
In her arms.
Quiet Sunday morning
Rode past the field where geese rested
Looking from far away
Like a flock of pigeons
In the sun.
See so many different kinds of brick,
Angles of rooftops,buildings haphazardly
Added to before planning laws.
I sit and watch the people pass,
Some happy,one weeping though she assured me
It's merely an allergy;
An allergy to loss?
Yes,I'm allergic to loss.
Loss makes my eyes water and my nose run.
Where does all that water come from?
Pass me your handerchief,mine is a ladies
Since men must work and women weep
Surely we should have the biggest hankies?
Men can wipe their nose on their sleeve
As long as they are not wearing their hearts there!
Or they might consider sharing hankies.
How kind;for at times, almost,
Every one weeps.

Whales swimming North in rows.

A day of sudden changes.Clouds

cross the sky

like whales swimming North in rows.

The sun was bright,dazzled my eyes

with gold and silver.

Wind cut across my face

like a slap from an angry father..

Those who love can also seem to hate us too..

The lure of that small childish body

tempts them to divert their anger towards it.

When the ones who hurt you

are also the ones you love,

it’s hard to know which direction to run in;

but it usually turns into a circle.

Retreating turns into a new arrival.

Straight lines might be better. though

On a spherical earth

difficult to find.

Even parallel lines meet

In their Riemannian geometry.

So we can never get away

Sometimes the best we manage

Is to increase the circle’s radius.

Though how is hard to know.

Do you love me or hate me?

Do you want me to stay or go?

What do I want?Do I have a me?

The memory of warmth draws me back

Like a cold lonely beast leaving the jungle

To lie down with a what appears to be a lamb,

Surprising the farmer up early to milk his animals

Finding a strange new one

Looking with tender,puzzled eyes

into His Human Face.

Why not make men eat quiche?



close up photo of macarons on plate
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

Why not eat men who make quiche
Thinking to bake it on a beach
The sun’s  no oven,I   have   found
Nor is the London underground


Why not make some pastry?
You can  fill a tart with grated cheese. cooked onions ,fried bacon in ittle pieces,put a  thin layer of cooked sliced potato  under the other ingredients if you need more bulk
For a smallish flan o beat one egg with 1/4 pint of milk
Add seasoning and nutmeg Pour over the cheese etc
Bake in a medium oven 35 minutes  or so

First time?
Stay near the oven and check.If it’s not cooked  increase the heat and leave a bit longer
Best eaten the same day but will keep well

Metal  flan dishes give a crisper  pastry.

The edge of sight

The impatience of a hunter, keen,intent
Will miss small movements at the edge of sight
Will miss the sacred spirit’s new descent

Relaxing when in danger,insolent,
Will throw a wider beam of golden light
Curb impatience, excess of  intent

Slowness  is a sign we are present
That’s enough for heart to speak to heart
We see the holy spirit’s new descent

  Can we   from  our eagerness dissent
Lean back, let the other play their part
Curb impatience, excess of  intent?

For my narrow vision,I repent
How I’ve missed  the whole with graphs and charts
Now I see the holy spirit’s spent

Scanning with a wider gaze unvites
Calmer ways of living with less spite,
The impatience of a hunter, keen,intent
Will miss  the gold of spirit’s new descent




The mirror gapes at each new clown.

When you are far,so far away
The longest night,
The shortest winter day,
will be places where
might die.
The heart's interior
no-one else
Can view.
When you are lost,
I cannot find
your face...
Its outline on the pillows,
My fingers shaped to trace...
The new design,
the stellar rhyme,
Where have you gone?
You slipped from out my arms.
You slipped away.
Was night or day
Ever cut by such a narrow line?
In your embrace I lay.
You seemed so strong.
Yet,sighing, took the path away.
I can't see where
Or is it
I tried to write
to bring white light,
It's dark, and still.
I long for you to come.
Oh,will we ever quite
Find out our way?
Or is that pure illusion?
As we stagger through
the wandering furrows
in the fields
They shoot us down.
What is this confusion?
The war goes on
The world goes round
The mirror gapes at each new clown.
But in a crack, a seed may grow..
I can't see you,
But yet,it's so.

Struggling on life’s craggy slopes


Living life in all its fierceness,
Birth and death and joy and pain
We struggle on our unknown journey,
Sometimes lost and found again.

We are indeed like lambs to slaughter
Death will be our final goal.
But while we live,let us live bravely.
Let us not destroy our souls.

Climbing in the hills and moorlands
In the heather, children play.
The sun half blinds me with its light
Yet still I see the given way.

I received a call to climb.
These hills are my essential home.
My vocation is to dwell here
While in the silence,mind may roam.

Noise in cities is destructive.
Though nature's fierce,it's also true.
Struggling on life's craggy slopes
I offer up my words to you.

What to eat when you can’t shop for a few days


Photo0220_0011.Add quick macaroni to soup for 5 minutes to make it  into a filling meal
2..Make a cheese bread and butter pudding ;leave out sugar and raisins.Add grated  cheese
3. Hardboil eggs and eat with any salad you can  conjure up
4.Again with  above eggs you can  make a curry sauce with tinned tomptoes and eat with rice or bread or pasta
6.Make stuffed eggs


Red lentils cook faster than other kinds
Cook some and mix with cheese sauce then bake in medium oven for about 25 minutes
Add bits of cooked bacon if you  have any
Rice goes well with it.
I just found some mince pies but I am afraid to eat them!