The sea sings wild

I like this one





The red leaves in the sunshine seem to smile
A pale blue sky, a silver aeroplane
I’m happy,I am warm, in your arms coiled

I  have no heater but the kettle  boiled
I made us coffee   then my  parcel  came
My face in the small mirror  had a smile

My love is deep, you never were on trial
If we quarrel, we both share the blame
I’m happy,I am warm, in your arms coiled

Our sorrow is, we have not made a child
Jesus cursed the fig tree in its shame
Yet red leaves in the sunshine seem to smile

Sorrow need not  madden nor make  bold
We do not know the purpose  nor the game
I’m happy,I am warm now as I toil

We need old fashioned virtues like restraint
We don’t see the whole  as life we paint
The red leaves in the sunshine seem to smile
I’m happy,I am warm, the sea sings  wild

Where God’s in hell

The sadness of the television world
Where actors have no character to share
Where all is flat and perfect but unreal
Where God’s in Hell,  and yet it is concealed

The sadness of a toddler with a phone
Eyes near focussed like he is alone
Where he can see a Zoo in Montreal
Or hear hyenas  as they  make their calls

The sadness as we toss out ancient books
And never teach our children  how to cook
The imaged food is perfect in   young eyes
But when we live on that I think  we die

The sadness  when our neighbours  have blind eyes
The sadness as our culture slowly dies

As á smile

Why God made me alluring I don’t know
To cut my vanity he bent my toes
Not far from climbing trees, my feet were hands
Confined to shoes, a bunion  made them bend

Thus I’m half evolved,my mind is sharp
My body is still monkey in its parts
Of course I have no fur so I must dress
Am I  proof that Darwin was remiss?

For how can head evolve but feet  do not
In the embryo  or in a cot?
I am neither beast nor am I man
My face may tempt  my toes are also ran

Nothing is as perfect as a smile
An ugly face   can swiftly   men beguile

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