“Day  shall come again”

When red sun  drops and  cooling night  rolls in
Darkness masks both danger and our vision
Ancient minds fear   day won’t come again

Courage for the  delicate   seems thin
We  wrestle  with  our horrid indecision
When  sun  drops deep and  night  rolls  softly in

But now , new stricken by   a dread of sin
Who shall doubt  the soul’s   derision?
Our  ancient minds fear   day won’t come again

When  we sleep we’re entertained within
Dark dreams squander  sweet   illusion
When  deep sun  drops and   gentle night  rolls in

In reverie we’re loved  our hearts widen
Then  fancy turns to full communion
While ancient minds fear   day won’t come again

And so  it was that our own life began
When sperm leaped up in  proud confusion.
When  deep sun  dropped and  a   new night  rolled in
When  ancient  hearts cried  “Day  shall come again

Fear of illness

The wasted years  of  our uncivil war
Continue as we fight for toilet rolls
All too soon will come the blood and gore
The bulls escape,we trained no matadors

Tins of soup and packets of  dried meat
Fly from shelves  to baskets as we queue
Fear has grasped  our throats  with its deceit
The faces of the old are  turning blue

Still there is a palace on the hill
A forest where the princes ride  each day
Doused by rumour,fear  that watchers kill
What worth is there in  turning now to prayer?

Stupid and corrupt  we miss our lives
Our children cry,  our  heartfelt anguish writhes

gods for sale

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThree for the price of one.
Invisible in the day time
Invisible all night
Special offer.Don’t mess about,
Buy now and save millions>Cheaper and better than indulgences
Let  god be with you where ever you are.
Feeling  bad..  our gods are unbreakable even if an electron bomb falls off the shelf

Bombs for sale in strings  if needed
Buy now,sell to Putin
Don’t waste money on  toilet paper.Use our little atom bombs on your bum.Kills all germs known or unknown
Save on funeral costs.Blow up the  world today
Don’t want coronavirus? We collect for a small fee.
Bored?Take a higher degree in quantum mechanics.PAYG

Three Gods and my mind


Leonard Cohen in my computer.I love his profile

Since  the Christians’ God has three male parts, is he a trans-sexual? Or  is at least one of them
Though if  one were female he could have reproduced with himself as it were
However we would not see his children then.By having a human mother Jesus was visible to all who lived in Nazareth or Galilee.Though no photos have been seen
As Jesus was a man, it seems God might be human after all.And has not existed since before time began

I think I’d better stop before I offend everybody
I thought God was here before we were but I’m only a mathematician so what do I know?

“Poetry has always been able to cope with uncertainties”




“Poets are seekers and questioners. They explore the unknown and help to give it shape. The insights and wisdom in the following poems below are hard-won; more often, it is simply the naming of the fear—personal, spiritual, or political—that offers solace, reminding us that people are connected by our worries and doubts as well as our joys. By resisting closure and easy answers and sounding out the darkness, these poems remind us that poetry has always been able to cope with uncertainties, ambiguities, and shades of gray.”

My mouth negates my speach

The abscess  then the lump of ironstone
Who is living in me with such scorn?
My mouth negates my speach, the  dual form

The latest self is struggling with the worms
Will this goddess ever be reborn?
The abscess  then the lump of ironstone

Am I, myself reduced to  scattered bones?
I must pray, I hear the harp and horn
My mouth negates my speach, the  dual tones

In the distance, ancient seas still moan
While I am here alone and unadorned
The abscess  bursts, the yellow pus is foam

A seabird sits in silence on a  cone
An image of the loss, a love forlorn
My mouth negates my speach, the  dual tones

Oh, for love’s restraint, life’s overdrawn
The tiger’s teeth, its eye,  its cruel claws
What is worse, to die or  live through storms?
My mouth negates my   mind,I  am a  stone


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