I could not pass much water, I fell in

I’d like to wear a hat to shield my eyes
In Blackpool how I longed for a pork pie
There were toilets every hundred yards
I could not pass much water, people stared

The beach was covered infinitely well
By people  drinking tea  as hot as hell
Stalls sold boiling water in white jugs
You  used your own  fresh tea, your own tea mug

There was no shade, no tree , no grass, no flower
We lay and burned  like heretics in fires
We say we are not terrorists .we’re kind
Tell that to the charred remains  refined

Go to Blackpool if you  feel the need
Buy a  pie for me and I won’t read


On a whim I went to Downing Street
They charged me fifty pounds for both my feet
Then  no-one anwered when  I rang the bell
I looked in through a hole, the penny fell

I claim I saw the tide was coming in
Riding high with whales, oh they were thin
What next , a  golden galaxy implodes
Stars shoot out like sparks  from other worlds

Jonah rode a whale to London Town
Still  in shock, he   did not hear a sound
All tongues will  dry until we see the flames
The burning bush, the prophecy, the Name

For  Sophocles I  spent a million  pounds
My credit card’s still bouncing underground

Soaring soul

A  robin came in after you had died
The little bird is missing you like me
After hopping round, away birds fly

You sat there in the kitchen looking kind
The birds were eating crumbs left from our tea
The  robin looked in after you had died

Should I see it as a  subtle sign?
Once a bird tapped on the window here
I  knew   the meaning as I sadly sighed

After hopping round, away birds fly.
Their delicacy, their size haunts me like fear
The  robin looked in after you had died 

I wish the  bird  had stayed a little while
I wish I were up North near Windermere
On a  boat that sails  till my heart smiles

Oh, for another  one to  share , to steer
I miss your hands so warm and once so near
A  robin called by after you had died
With your soaring soul the small birds  fly

Never get engaged on a whim

How to get rid of your lover
Tell them you’re carrying a germ
Spray Dettol around your home
Put deodorant on your  comb
Ask if they wash all their sperm

Nobody likes a rejection
But sometimes it’s better to leave
Be polite  as your part from them
After all they’re gentlemen
No need to make men aggrieved

Would your prefer an arranged marriage?
My doctor says it worked for him
Remember you’re ugly
Though very snugly
Never get engaged on a whim