Ecstasy can’t last,can’t be pursued

Maybe Meghan  knew we’d have a storm
A hurricane of doubt,  the leaders scorned
She’s back in Canada, I wish I were
Seeing Leonard Cohen every where

A thousand kisses deep may be too much
Especially  for those who’re unrehearsed
The tower of song is just a maisonette
Joan of Arc burns as she pirouettes

Suzanne  bore his children then she left
She fell out of  love, he was bereft
Poets need their time alone to muse
Ecstasy can’t last,can’t be  pursued

We still lose  the space to enjoy dreams
While up above our leader stands and screams

4 thoughts on “Ecstasy can’t last,can’t be pursued

    1. At last I have gor a delivery slot from neighbours have all been very kind.In fact it has brought is together by messaging..So I am fortunate.I hope you are ok Janet.Maybe things are about to improve.I do hope so.Lots of love and gratitude for your Art,Katherine


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