I don’t like gravity either


Clue:take the first sentence literally

I feel for you
She’s my wife

I  am feeling Very Angry
Will  he let you?

I feel intense hatred for my wife
That’s very kind of you.It will  make her burden less

Should I marry or live in sin?

I feel blue or I see red
Do you hear yellow?

I feel  very down
Is it better than goose down?
Well it feels better

I hate my brother
I bet he does too.

I  hate my untidy habits
How do they feel about this?

I don’t want to work nor rely on a man
Your grammar is excellent

I am getting tired  of hunting for new recipes
Where do you usually find them?

Shall I have a cheese sandwich or a bacon one?
Have you no eggs?

Shall I take a Master’s Degree or go round  the world?
I’ll be interested to see  that

I hate  shopping for clothes
How about stealing them?

Will I ever get better?
What do you think?

You said I would find love in the afternoon
Don’t  listen to me.

Are you a real therapist?
At last,progress

Have I got a virus as I fear?
No, you have  it as you are relaxed.

Shall I take the Oxford entrance?
No, leave it.

Shall I read Medicine?
No, swallow it

I do hate the way buttons fall off my coat
I don’t like gravity either

I  am afraid  of  topology
You are so  conceited

I hate it when my thoughts circulate
Well, you can feel what you like, they are yours

I wonder if I  can afford Freudian analysis
I do too

I hate clever  people
Don’t come any nearer

I hate Catholics
Don’t tell anyone

Is Boris Johnson English?
No, but neither is anyone else

Why am I here?
Don’t start that again.

Does it matter why we are here?
No, it matters how we are here

That we are here

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