Love your ahaha neighbours

I’d like to imagine the Bible as a  Play
So when Jesus says,love your neighbour as yourself
He turns round and winks at the audience .
And when he said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone, he  didn’t do it.
If he had then others would have done too.Because we don’t know whether we are good or not.Psychopaths probably think they are good.
They are good at charming the innocent.So don’t be innocent.Sin now!
St Augustine thought we were sinful because we touched our mother’s vagina,
Well, in the womb there are no knives.And if God made us , he made vaginas.
So he liked them
Others say by being born into a society we are born into sin
Well, it’s hard to conceive and give birth without meeting anyone else!
I can see it with apartheid.Many a long hour we spent in South Africa House copying by hand articles about torture there.My husband was a journalist for a time.And he had  been in South Africa  teaching in a college for black students when they were not allowed into white Universities
Is having whites only colleges a  sin?
Yet it is political
Well anyone in Britain has seen how we hate  others who don’t agree with us
Is there any group of humans who don’t do things others dislike?
I bet God laughed when Jesus fed the 40,000.He  like a bit if fun and so do I
Without fun the world would not exist
That’s what I believe


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