Over burned spaghetti and red wine

God has made men suffer making me
As beautiful as morning by the sea
Because I’m only interested in maths
I have long since left the garden path

I never look in mirrors  or deep ponds
Narcissus eat your heart out in ferns’ fronds
I  never used to wonder how I looked
When my eyes were glued on a textbook

What irony that men would love me so
I   thought myopia  would  make them shy
I thought they’d like to talk  of Wittgenstein
Over burned spaghetti and  red wine

But now I’ve learned how beautiful I looked
Lying on the sofa with a book
Alas it is too late for any more
I see the edge of Heaven by the door

God  may seem ironic, it’s a test
I may kiss you once if you insist

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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2 Responses to Over burned spaghetti and red wine

  1. Love you Katherine:)XXX


  2. Katherine says:

    Mutual,Janet.I like all your FB things you have been putting on.I look everyday.:)XXXX


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