Awesome  now means  medium at best

Rubbish is  just something we don’t need
Or something  not worth mending   we believe
Where nonsense may be foolish talk or jest
Or English humour at its lethal best

There is no Judge, it’s people who decide
Whether it is nonsense to deride
The  message of the media  online
Which like the Consecration, is divine

Awesome  now means  medium at best
That is, you have barely passed the test
What a lot of stupid people say
Appears on someone’s T shirt the same day

Nonsense can give pleasure,make us loose
Sometimes it can make us feel confused.

8 thoughts on “Awesome  now means  medium at best

      1. Thank you, Katherine. I fear “amazing” is on the same list.
        I hope you’re staying well this winter. My sister and I had a freak accident in our kitchen on Jan. 27. She fell into the side of my right knee. She’s okay, but I have a fractured tibia. It wasn’t severe enough to required surgery, but I’m in a leg brace and can’t put any weight on my right leg for three months. My time on the computer is limited and I haven’t mastered doing much on my tablet, so I’m keeping a low profile for the time being. I’ve become so dependent upon using a keyboard to write that I can hardly put two words together with pen and paper. Sad, eh? So my writing is suffering from neglect until I adapt or get well. I guess the moral of my story is: Stay out of the kitchen! That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

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      2. You poor thing.I am very sorry you have had this accident..I find my speeling is worse using the keyboard but writing with a pen is hard.I suppose our muscles are not very strong.I shall be thinking of you snf hopr yo will be able to do more soon.Katherine xxxx


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