IMGoldarmSorry,dear,I need to polish my laptop tonight
I have to wash my briefcase as the cat has had kittens in it
Why has the cat no basket?It hates shopping
I have to fill my 20  pens before the Conference pears come out
I   have to  collect my tranquillers from  the late night Pharmacy and  pick up a  tart  or two.And some bacon.I know we can’t eat but I like the smell of frying.
Yes,let’s get a  divorce.But we’ll have to ave up for it for 10 years
You are  mad because of the pain.So am I.
You have a very hot temper.Maybe you are a weapon of man destruction
When I feel enraged I clean the kitchen.
Don’t you feel I am listening?
I can feel  you but not  yout voice
Please turn off the TV.We don’t need any more drama.
Give me the remote,please.Why,can’t I press its buttons?
I want the remote.Buy your own.Rent one ot steal one
He  is the man of mass infection.All the dead are in heaven and on earth it’s hell
Don’t keep watching me all the time.I am not a laptop dancer.
I like going to bed but  it’s a sin.That makes it even better.
Why are all the children screaming Mum
Is a comma  missing?
I like nonsense if I can misunderstand it at night

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