Prime Deliverer

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My art


I  get my groceries via Amazon Prime  sometimes.
So I can thank Boris Johnson for one thing…. he’s  the Prime Minister and the delivery is great
He might even preach in Church as well.
Why he is  in Parliaament is a puzzle
.Amazon don’t pay tax  like we do.Does he?

We should  have a Word Minister….. a word and you are here.
That is, he’s Merlin  modern replacement…..but where is Arthur?

And a Punctuation Minister   to decide if  “and ”  should have an Oxford comma before it and a Cambridge colon after it.And, and, and, and so on ,and……….;?:@@”£%

Where is our common sense?

Where is Society?

Where are we going to?

Hell,I don’t know

I welcome comments and criticism

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