The panthers in ths zoo

There’s a pandemic of shoplifting
There’s panic  and there’s flu
So will the  pandemonium
Affect  black panthers in the zoo?

There’s a lack of awe and wonder
There’s  no insight and no you
There’s only my big ego
And Sylvia Plath is overdue

She’s coming to see Lazarus
Now he’s a lady too
Sex and gender,  love and hate
Ted is feeling blue

She spoke Chaucer to the swans
And they   answered, Who are you?
She looked a  little frantic
Asylum seeker,Jew.

She got married to her Teddy
What other man would do?
The perfect other, shaman
But they ran out of glue

Her poetry was awesome
In bed she always knew
Ted Hughes was  just a messenger
He asked her what to do

The panther killed the lady
And ate her in  a stew
Now he’s back in Africa
And they closed the Zoo

Oh, what   does    ambition do now
On a dung heap you’re the   best
It’s ambition or it’s destiny
Tell them you’re a pest

If a  woman bites your face
And  leaves teeth marks as well
The very latest evidence says
Your love  life will be hell.

They’re running up the walls now
They  painted   all the lights
Who  knows who and why is why
Nothing is  no sight


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