The consolation of philosophy by W S Merwin


Thank you but
not just at the moment
I know you will say
I have said that before
I know you have been
there all along somewhere
in another time zone
I studied once
those beautiful instructions
when I was young and
far from here
they seemed distant then
they seem distant now
from everything I remember
I hope they stayed with you
when the noose started to tighten
and you could say no more
and after wisdom
and the days of iron
the eyes started from your head
I know the words
must have been set down
partly for yourself
unjustly condemned after
a good life
I know the design
of the world is beyond
our comprehension
thank you
but grief is selfish and in
the present when
the stars do not seem to move
I was not listening
I know it is not
sensible to expect
fortune to grant her
gifts forever
I know

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