And as the cocks and chickens try to bleat

Did I say my heart is up the spout
And tea is sitting hotly in the tap
The kettle is complaining I’m a lout
And with its metal hand gives me a rap.


Did I say my bed has got no sheets
For I have published them in my new book
And as the cocks and chickens try to bleat
I buy a dress and  hey, it’s my new look

Did I say the cat will not go out
For he is never in, you see my joke
For logic is as stupid as no doubt
And torments  in its ice the evil folk.

Words are signals  telling us  we’re light
And so we float away into the night

What is truth, anyway?


Where I knit so I can see birds in the trees outside the window opposite


“I knit quite slowly,saying no to haste.
I worship with my truth and am not cowed.”

In this poem  which is the  previous post, my truth means that I learned while knitting Shetland lace that  going backwards to fix mistakes is just as valuable as going forward all the time.I had a vision of the world being made by this backward and forward movement.That if we cannot permit ourselves to make mistakes and then correct them we will never get anywhere in living with others or in creating.
When I was teaching I used to do tough problems without preparing them so  students could see me thinking.They liked that


I knit the rhythmic pattern of my day,
the complex stitches make me sure to err
and yet I have no fear for on this way
I knit or unknit with due calm and care.

With warp and weft both in their rightful place
with right and wrong accepted and allowed
I knit quite slowly,saying no to haste.
I worship with my truth and am not cowed.

As I go back to fix a stitch not right,
No longer do I castigate myself..
For in a flash I saw as  in real  light
That to and fro are both a part of health.

For now I know we all at times must fail
Such is the truth of our life’s measured tale

Fascism: I sometimes fear…by Michael Rosen


I sometimes fear that

people think that fascism arrives in fancy dress
worn by grotesques and monsters
as played out in endless re-runs of the Nazis.
Fascism arrives as your friend.
It will restore your honour,
make you feel proud,
protect your house,
give you a job,
clean up the neighbourhood,
remind you of how great you once were,
clear out the venal and the corrupt,
remove anything you feel is unlike you…
It doesn’t walk in saying,
“Our programme means militias, mass imprisonments, transportations, war and persecution.”

I shall milk the cow

My right hand is painful today

  I can’t join my hands up to pray

But rest assured now

I shall milk  the cow

That we bought yesterday on eBay


This voice  typing is  good on the whole

 I may even achieve my True goal

If I knew what that was

I tell you because

It may involve me going up  the  pole,


Owing to the arthritis which  afflicts me

I must mention it also restricts  me

I cannot walk far

And I have no car

Thank the Lord I can still see/wee/make the  tea/be


I sing of colour

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