The pairing knife’s on sale

From ad on Amazon

Perfect for holding a variety of knives including pairing knife, vegetable knife, small cooks knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, steak knife, etc.
Kitchen Ware

Send me a pairing knife,dear Lord
I’m feeling lonesome, life is hard
Will there be instructions
How to get some introductions
By cutting out the hard parts of my heart?

Pairing knives are new to me,oh God
I hope I wil not cut off my own head
Is ir a delusion
A psychiatrist’s confusion?
Maybe I just need to go to bed

I thought it would be useful to possess
The secret key to happiness,no less
But should we have to purchase
Pairing knives for courtship
I am very puzzled I confess

I think it’s over rated wiith 5 stars
Noone made a comment,noone shared
So where are all the knives?
Are they in the handsof wives
Don’t tell ne I’m sexist,I’m in tears

Noone wants to say they feel alone
Not even dogs come by for bones
I will paint this knife in gold
A fork will pair it, hold
Then the knife will send its spirit to` my phone

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