He missed

His hands travelled all over me like a herd of drunken fleas the size of spiders
His eyes wandered over my supine body like a surveyor estimating the price of a house
He kissed me with my permission as I was frozen
He showed me our marriage certificate in triplicate in a gold frame
He tickled me with a feather till I was maddened by rage
So I said, quit staring,I don’t like your gaze
His nails were as thick as the icing on a Xmas cake
He never scratched me even when I itched

I don’t know if it was deliberate but he missed
I said I would never get married and it was a lie in retrospect


You found me

It’s so cold in bed without you
And the bathroom light is bust
I need a man to hold me
Can God make a man from

It’s s lonely in the evening
And the TV seems remote
I want a conversation
Where do words go when they’re spoke?

I miss the tea you brought me
Before you left for work
I miss the hands that held me
And my throat feels swollen up

I feel so sad at weekends
We went wandering in the woods
I miss you, how I miss you
Tears come in their floods

You found me and I lost you
Shall I lose myself again?
The world is full of water
The drowning
and the men

Catch your own

I have caught a drug resistant bug
Could it be that European mug?
They drink coffee till the cows come home
As for me I’m permanently stoned
I want to go to bed, so I must eat
I take the powerful tablets as I sleep
When I waken I may well be cured
Not like bacon,I can’t see the lure
All day breakfast is a silly name
Keats would be astonished ,it’s iname
My mother tried to make me knit and sew
I can’t see but will that make me slow?

Without a single drink

I did not know my mind was strong as sin
My wickedness was choosing to be thin
My ringlets seemed far wilder than cats’ screams
The torture and the vividness of dreams
I picked up books and read them in an hour
How could I guess the wreckage of men’s power?
I made pastry, I baked cakes of wheat
To honour God , my father, the elite
.From my pram I gave the neighbours shocks
Electric was my verbal skill and luck
They asked me how to vote and who should win
I sucked my dummy as my thoughts all ran
I sit and listen by the kitchen sink
For I get drunk without a single drink