Accidental courage

She had accidental courage
He paid accidental homage
But the fingers pointed upwards as we passed
They got the seccret message
Paid dearly for the passage
Looking deep inside the looking glass
The world is mere appearance
We must gain the endurance
To tolerate the mess and all past trash
She saw an accidental mirage
By the Bedouins they had damaged
The little tents are torn up, what a crash.
Now the nuclear morals flourish
The freezer keeps things coolish
Got to go,I need to make a splash
Oh,the accident will happen
It will be quite sudden
Looking forward to the sausage and the Mass

The secrets of [a few ] authors

What makes a poem work and can a poem ever be willed into being?

Wendy Cope:¬†You’ve got to have something to say, but you don’t always know what it is. It’s often just some words in your head that you think could be a line of a poem, so you write them down and see where it goes. One of the major misconceptions about poetry is that the poet has some kind of agenda and intentions, not just that some words come into their head and then they start playing with them and seeing where they go. Because sometimes I will try to write a poem and it just comes out dead because there isn’t really anything that’s deeply felt or worth saying. One thing that makes poems work is strong emotion, and I remember hearing James Berry, I think it was, saying that one characteristic of a good poet is that they feel things intensely, and he said: “Of course poets are not the only people who feel things intensely, but it is one of the qualities,” and I think that’s true

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