Is writing therapetic or beneficial to the writer or the readers?

The spirits of our hearts are tamed,

By rhythms of pen,of brush,of mind.


Kathryn Braithwaite

Art by author from photo of a Norman Church

In the above extract from my last post I seem to be saying that it is the rhythms of what we write
which in art would be patterns or shapes ,it is these rhythms which tame the spirits of our hearts which may be troubling us.It is not merely writing down how we feel or describing a situation, maybe grief, maybe anger, or any emotion ,it is the work we do to edit or shape what we are trying to convey into a form which will both express
and communicate to others what we are experiencing,
It is like a sculptor making the stone into a shape
which satisfied the creative urge and invites our attention
If there is no feeling in the creation it will not have any value,but the feeling alone is not enough.
It’s the editing,shaping and so on which seems to satisfy our mind and heart.That is my view today

I welcome comments and criticism

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