Unless I love the lost too.


  • I can’t love you
    without loving the whole world too.
    I can’t open my heart
    unless everyone can be part.

    Wait for me.
    I’m not afraid.
    Wait for me.
    I may be delayed.

    I see you in my mind,
    Smiling, sad and kind.
    I can’t love you
    Unless I love the lost too.

    Give me your hands
    Outstretched across the world.
    We’re all one
    Love has begun

93 thoughts on “Unless I love the lost too.

      1. I don’t mean to be rude but what do you do for a living, I just complited my secondary school and set to join a 💻 computer school

      2. Mathematics 😬
        Never liked that subject
        Yeah I know you are an older person, seeing your profile picture.
        But a great wonder is that you still look so cute and beautiful

      1. I think if you learn little algebra… but did you do it already? Statistics is a good topic too.You can understand data better.I will see if I can recall any books you might like

      2. Ooh algebra was one of the topics I liked because it was kinda simple and it dealt with the unknowns

      3. I like to read late at night.I like history and novels.Did you read any novels in English?Like Dickens? I am unsure if you would like that.I also like biographies

      4. Biographies are good, but we are kinda not that rich to afford buying them so I do such reading in the internet

      5. Sleep well beautiful lady, may God protect you through the night, will talk tomorrow
        Sleep tight
        I enjoyed talking to you
        And thanks

    1. Just my joints are hurting more today.It is arthritis.Do you read poetry in your own langauage?What is your language called?I am sorry I do not know.I can look on the internet

      1. Yeah I know, can you advise me a little bit about life and what I should do to be successful please

      2. So you’re clocking 70’s, wow bravo, not everyone reaches those kind of years now days
        God has been great to you for sure

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