What a surprise

Dr Range-Rover asked Mary for all Stan’s details to facilitate his upcoming surgery.By now Mary was feeling worn out as she#d been shopping in the morning for Stan’s birthday present and some groceries.She really preferred morning appointments but with hospitals you get little choice.
Stan emerged with the nurse looking pale and wan.All she had done was to test him for MRSA..Mary picked up her bag.Suddenly and dilently Range-Rover crossed the room.
What’s that on YOUR nose? she barked at Mary.
Oh, yes, my glasses have been rubbing.It’s painful…Range-Rover picked up a dermatoscope which has a very bright light on it and placed it on Mary who was too surprised to move.The consultant thn invited the trainee doctor to come and take a look and they discussed the details of what they saw in front of Stan and Mary like two scientists who have just had a breakthrough.
You’ve got cancer,she informed Mary.Go to your GP soom,well you can wait till after Easter I suppose.You need a referral before I can have a go at you.
Stan turned even paler and looked angry…
Mary stood up and then collapsed by the door of the small room.Dr RangeRover picked her up and pulled a chair forward.
Sit down,she cried.She looked extremely worried.
How will you get home? she asked nervously.
In a cab,Mary told her…
Range-Rover looked even more worried as she was realising that she had crossed into Mary’s Sacred Space and broken her boundaries without asking her,at a time when Mary was possiblt anxious about her husband and feeling weary
..It may be common assault.She meant it for the best,we guess but surely a consultant should have some perception.Was she perhaps unnerved by supervising a trainee dermatologist?Alas,she refuses to comment…
As they walked out Stan said he wanted to go on the bus.Mary was too tired to argue so they sat at the bus stop in the sun waiting for their bus to come.
Or perhaps a ship would come in…and take them far away