Now it’s not just children being tested,it’s the waters of life.

The season’s too fleeting for greeting…we once had a cat which was squeaking
God saw a shadow on my soul.It was his!
Silence is mean and golden like you
I have the spice of a wife with lice
Bars like Raymond’s are few but well designed for demons like my lover
We can’t even sell our own noses now
Why do they test the waters… or they poisoned or just cold?
My husband’s like a thorn in my backside
Till the clock rhymes,I’ll be tickling your butt with a feather duster.It’s called housework
Times without jumble I have written you knots of words to aid memoire and seduce your eye.
It’s time to call for a prayer for unanimity..passed with no votes
I hate the sound of hooversand dusters
She had hips like an iceberg’s flo
That man stole my heart.I need either him or it..stand and deliver.Be a man

The promised land


Joy sings now in summer light;
Yet after day comes deep,black night.
New moon will rise by these gray trees.
Our earth is where I want to be.

I want the day;I want the night.
I want the dark;I want the light.
I want to see and to be seen,
And not to lose myself in dreams.

The sun has set,gray clouds turn black,
The day just gone will not come back.
I’ll rest in thoughtful reverie
Until the reaper’s scythe takes me.

And then I drop and mix with dust,
till worms and beetles sate their lust.
I fall into ten thousand motes,
And dance,in sunlight,music’s notes.

No more striving;no more ambition,
No more fighting;no competition,
Every particle’s the same
Without even its special name.

And, side by side, we all are one,
The lusts of life have been and gone.
We dwell with dirt and grain and sand
At last we’ve reached the Promised Land