We’d soon do that which men and women can.

The rain fell and the clouds hung overhead

As I walked on the moors to meet my man.

If only we had access to a bed..

We’d soon do that which men and women can.


The sun was absent anf the trees all bowed down

The wettest winter for a hundrd years…

Yet full of love ,my face displayed no frown…

My heart was  brimming,absent any fears.


Th moon too was watching as I ran

Her silver crescent pierced the clouds like joy.

I could not wait to meet my loving man.

And with his lips and face I longed to toy.


But when I reached the spot where he would be,

Nothing waited but a fallen tree

Trust the dark

Trust the unknown force that grew you,
From the joining of two cells.
Act of love, of self giving,
Thus to grow a newer self.

Trust the dark,the unseen aspects
Of the life we all do live.
Trust that there is wisdom elsewhere,
To your emptiness to give.

Wait in patience for the time
When inspiration comes at last
Trust in darkness,silence, lowness.
Oppostion forms the cross.

Pain is bearable in lowness,
Like the worm in earth I dwell.
When I look I see the sunrise
And I trust all shall be well