True love’s vision

A rose
True love is not a feeling but a path
Discovered by a new perception of our life.
Our vision is less skewed by pain and wrath,
We see in true proportion and true size.
True love desires just vision of the good..
And asks for nothing but the eyes to see.
The violence in our bones and in our blood
Is less and with creation we agree.</p>
<p?But risking the abyss of love brings fear.
Just hope of satisfaction tempts us to progress.
To God or to a loved one we draw near.
And as we walk we find anxieties grow less .
Yet human life is always full of doubt.
Acceptance is a way to make this naught

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Stan and Mary go shopping




Stan and Mary went in town
To buy Stan a new dressing gown.
But he wanted a woollen one
In march that is not on.

The shops are full of summer clothes
But Stan’s not warm enough for those.
Mary likes to look around
But see how old Stan frowns.

So Mary says,I’ll go online
I’m sure I’ll find some fully lined
Made of wool and acrylic…
Them you can make your pick.

Thank you,Mary,you are kind
despite that brilliant,anxious mind.
I am the best dressed man intown
And soon I’ll have my gown.

Would you like cafe au lait?
I have my pension,I shall pay.
Very nice,dear Mary said…
I’d like a piece of bread.

Won’t you have a slice of cake?
I know it’s not quite what I make.
No,just plain bread,sweet Mary said
She then turned very red.

Mary,you look very hot
Is it healthy in this spot.
The central heating is too high…
She gave a weary sigh.

They drank their coffee and made jokes
About old folk who never spoke…
They bought some fresh fish for Emile..
They alway shop with zeal.
When they got home.Stan dialled Dave
Who told him he was very brave
and not to stand near a bus door…
Or he’d fall on the floor.
Oh,how i’d like to lie down there
With my mistress Annie fair.
but Mary is at home today
So i’ll just have to pray.

If you’re in pain and can’t have sex,
They say that prayer is second best
Morphine is so hard to get…
and it makes me feel sick.

So tomorrow Mary works
Stan and Annie have their perks
Dave calls round to bath the cat…
How obscene is that?

If you would like your cat washed
Or if your shopping has got squashed
Just dial 99999
The service is divine.

How I get ideas and how I write



Since several people have asked me,I thought I’d write a little on this.Before I began writing I kept o notebook writing about things which I saw,heard etc which had affected me emotionally… like seeing a neghbour who’d been deserted and looking very low walked past with two very fierce dogs on a lead…I still make notes or mull over experiences.
But often I have no idea until i start.Sometimes if I am stuck I write limericks.The writing act itself brings up latent ideas relating to issues which I care about,what life is,people who have affected me.If I can’t understand someone’s behaviour i might write around a topic but often it takes me elsewhere.
If I write a sonnet it seems to take me elsewhere than if I write free verse… it has a framework which gives less choice about where to go.
After writing,I do reading.I pick up ideas from what others have done or even games like playing with cliches.although these may be rubbish often some ideas are thrown up, a phrase, a sentence,which I can use.
The main thing is I don’t plan ahead very much.. as in the stories exceot when I got stuck with Satan in Sheringham!I began writing those stories to show the silly reasons why some of us send for the emergency services.. but then they got their own life and continued int other themes.
Sometimes I have been going to write how I will do something bad because I am hurt,but my mind won’t let me and I see that after being hurt “living well is the best revenge”.
Recall WW1 began because Austria wanted revenge on Serbia and ended up destroying itself.”Do good to those that hurt you”
So maybe my early religious training and life experiences of suffering have goven me ideas I’m not fully aware of till I start writing
Read a lot and increase your vocabaulary… listen to people talking…keep a diary of surprising or lovely things that happen.. the bad things you will remember for we are made to react more strongly to negative events by our animal inheritance
so I read… it’s why anxiety is so common, it’s protective… but don’t forget the happy and good things and the flowers blooming,,,
Someone said to me he gets up late as there is nothing to do…
well, in that case,go for a walk,write a limerick or play with the cat… or slowly and patiently tidy up some junk,visit an old person who can’t get out and tell them some interesting tales of how you fell off the bus or how a man tried to pick you up in a coffee shop even though your hair needed washing and you were wearing old clothes!
Activity itself brings purpose.. start and follow your nose..
Well, if you hate my writing just do the opposite of all these things I have told you about….try to do it your own way.

“Sexual orgasm relieves pain about the same amount as a dose of morphine”How do they measure it?

Night scribbles
Sex as good as morphine… but not so good in hospital here in the UK!!

I read that in a book about pain relief… but if you are in severe pain do you feel able to have sex?And even if you do,who are you meant to have it with?Is it prescription

This entitles the bearer to ten orgasms a week signed The doctor.

The book did not say if morphine is as good as sex, but I once had some mixture called chalk and opium for gut trouble and it certainly changed the world for a while.It’s illegal now of course unlike sex… is there a message

A mini collection of writing

  • Genudirection



  • I do not indulge in genuflection

  • As my knees are so far away I can’t detect ’em.

  • But bend yours if you desire

  • To show courtesy to the Higher…

  • The God does not come around to inspect ’em.

  • Tables and chairs have legs

  • They are stiff and held in with pegs.

  • Perhaps I am a chair?

  • Who will sit here?

  • Don’t crush me down I beg.

  • However chairs do not have any minds

  • As far as scientists can find.

  • And they do not have eyes

  • So they cannot be spies…

  • Yet we know chairs do have their behinds



  • Word origins

  • The origin of the word knee

  • Latin genu as in genuflect.. bend the knee before God usually but also as people curtsey when meeting a Monarch.  

  • Flex means to bend…deflect must mean bend away

Fire Tests

  • ignis aurum probat

  • I married an acrobat.

  • He jumped through a flame

  • Calling my name…

  • with a gold ring inside of his hat.

  • ignis aurum probat

  • Who is your advocate?

  • Send him some gold.

  • Fire burns out the mold!

  • I know because God told my cat.

  • Ignis Aurum Probat

  • Is a wonderful name for A Lat.

  • But Mrs Probat

  • I do not like that!

So I’m going for golden,howzat?


  • Et tu, Brute?

  • I now have a Romanian friend

  • He was on the bus at the back end

  • Cum va numiti?

  • Just call me Kitty.

  • Et art tu,Brute?I punned.


  • Sing early

  • Encantado de conocerle.

  • My bird is usually early.

  • So hasta la vista,

  • I think I have kissed her.

  • I get up at dawn but rarely!

  • I’ve had nothing to eat all today

  • I sought to sell my soul on E bay

  • Oh,no hay de que,

  • I leaving anyway.

  • Buenos tardes,we all need to pray.

  • My friend met a fan on a boat.

  • Alas,it wasn’t far from the port

  • So, hasta la vista,…

  • The faster he kissed her

  • The more she sang out,please emote.

  • You old goat

  • Kiss my throat

  • Like your coat

  • Sow an oat.

  • Die Zauberflote.

  • Pissed as a mote.

  • Encantado de conocerle….. pleased [enchanted?] to meet [know?] you.

  • Spanish is very like Latin,more so than Italian.Romanian is also like Latin but fret not,I don’t intend to write in it as yet


  • Mirror Faces

  • Shadows, on the whole, are an error

  • which predestine the soul to feel terror

  • So if by a mystery

  • Folk sniff your history

  • Avoid all light precast by a mirror.

  • Mirrors can throw out strange beams

  • which can only be deconstrued in your dreams.

  • Allow yourself time

  • To sleep and to rhyme,,,,,

  • Reflections and love are one theme

  • Rocking chairs give an illusion

  • Of resting on grandmother’s bosom

  • How warm and how kind

  • Is the light of her mind

  • I sometimes need such care and soothing.


Rereading favorite books



Sometimes we want to read the new novels from the Review in our weekend paper but for a few years I have taken great pleasure in reading books which I have already read once or even twice. I reread some of Nicholas Freeling’s novels this winter.I noticed some  parts which I had not absorbed before. These were especially with the landscapes he creates.In fact he has a very painterly way of writing .A watercolorist’s way,perhaps.In that he reminds me,oddly, of Virginia Woolff.

He was a writer who changed the nature of the detective story.I read him for his depictions of relationships, people,different countries. My favorites are the Castang series which were never filmed… a great pity but who could play this man realistically? I suppose I have similar values to Freeling which always helps. He clearly loves women which is rare, in my view


Before we die

Ante mortem let us trust
For in the grave we turn to dust
Yet though  in life the poor are cursed
Treatment post mortem is just.

The worms and beetles care no more
For the rich than for the poor.
They are happy to devour
Bankers,despots,every hour.

Ante mortem, greed does win
Houses built of gold and sin
But God,who lives in each within,
Cares no more for gold thann tin

As post mortem, all are judged
By the book where sins are lodged
why don’t the rich and famous budge?
Their taxation’s boldly grudged


Give away your weighty goods
Live like daisies by the woods..
Fear not hurricane nor floods
Daises grow even in mud.

More dependent on all power
We trust in madmen’s city towers.
Yet One told us to live like flowers…
And enjoy life for an hour.

Perception is no privilege.
We each have the wits to judge.
See and note where you have smudged
What your creation would allege.

Post and ante, even now
The currents of our hearts allow…
The inner sea which has its flow
To take us where we need to go


Houses built of gold and sin

Ante mortem let us trust
For in the grave we turn to dust
Yet in life the poor are cursed
Our treatment post mortem is just.

The worms and beetles care no more
For the rich than for the poor.
They are happy to devour
Bankers,despots,every hour.

Ante mortem, greed does win
Houses built of gold and sin
But God,who lives in each within,
Cares no more for gold thann tin

If post mortem we are judged
Why does the rich person grudge?
Why do we refuse to budge
Up until the final nudge?

Throw away your heavy goods
Live like daisies by the woods..
Fear not hurricane nor floods
As daises grow even in mud.

More dependent on all power
We trust in madmen’s city towers.
Yet One told us to live like flowers…
And enjoy life for an hour.

Perception is no privilege.
We each have the wits to judge.
See and note where you have smudged
What your creation would allege.

Post and ante, even now
The currents of our hearts allow…
The inner sea which has its flow
To take us where we need to go


English News addenda

Not content with passing out at her wedding and fainting on the honeymoon Rose Lee of Houndsden has become unconscious of her duties as a English woman and forgotten to wear a woollen jumper in her underheated home.As a result she is now in an inverted coma at the totally defunct Highlands Hospital where she was said to be “texting”

A woman in Blingford refused to wash up and has been given a penalty point by the judge in nearby Wertex.Her husband has got a chance of winning if he gets his foot out of the door and his key out of the lock.

A man of 90 in Blewcastle on Line won 19 million pounds in the lottery and is getting married on Saturday,Sunday and Monday.
They will honeymoon in Lands End Grotto before going home to give birth to half triplets.His only comment is,Beware of the Gods and the Dogs.He breeds those as well

Postmodernism preys

Postmodernism’s the fashion ne’er manque.
We must study Foucault and his scribes.
Get reason trapped and do not court  delay.
You need to find your intellectual tribe.

Where is the goose which laid the golden egg..
Invented meta-talk and fairy tales?
Which narrative is balanced on a peg?
Which philosopher gets re-homed by a whale?

Where is the whole truth and the nothing but?
Whose ‘ the eye which sees reality?
Who ‘s the judge who makes the final cut?
Where is the God to whom we owed fealty?

Now nothing is what anyone can say.
I understand it’s meaningless to pray

HTML Cheat sheet

This is a great site

HTML Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet – or HTML code quick reference – lists the common HTML tags and their attributes, grouped into relevant sections in an easy-to-read format.

What is html? What are tags? – Perhaps check out the what is html section first 🙂

Basic HTML Structure

* Help | Top

<title>website title</title>
content of website …

The Basics

* Help | Top

<h?> … </h?>

Heading (?= 1 for largest to 6 for smallest, eg h1)

<p> … </p>

Paragraph of Text

<b> … </b>

Bold Text

<a href=”url”> … </a>

Basic Link

Text Formatting

* Help | Top

<h?> … </h?>

Heading (?= 1 for largest to 6 for smallest, eg h1)

<b> … </b>

Bold Text

<i> … </i>

Italic Text

<u> … </u>

Underline Text

<strike> … </strike>


<sup> … </sup>

Superscript – Smaller text placed below normal text

<sub> … </sub>

Subscript – Smaller text placed below normal text

<small> … </small>

Small – Fineprint size text

<tt> … </tt>

Typewriter Text

<pre> … </pre>

Pre-formatted Text

<blockquote> … </blockquote>

Text Block Quote

<strong> … </strong>

Strong – Shown as Bold in most browsers

<em> … </em>

Emphasis – Shown as Italics in most browsers

<font> … </font>

Font tag obsolete, use CSS. (*)

Section Divisions

* Help | Top

Division (or Section) of Page Content

<p> … </p>

Paragraph of Text


Line Break


Basic Horizontal Line

<hr> Tag Attributes:


Line Thickness in pixels


Line Width in pixels


Line Width as a percentage


Line Colour (*)


Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right (*)


No 3D cut-out

<nobr> … </nobr>

Line Break


* Help | Top

<img src=”url” alt=”text”>

Basic Image

<img> Tag Attributes:


URL or filename of image (required!)


Alternate Text (required!)


Image alignment within surrounding text (*)


Image width (in pixels or %)


Image height (in pixels or %)


Border thickness (in pixels) (*)


Space above and below image (in pixels) (*)


Space on either side of image (in pixels) (*)

Linking Tags

* Help | Top

<a href=”url”> link text </a>

Basic Link

<a> Tag Attributes:


Location (url) of page to link to.


Name of link (name of anchor, or name of bookmark)


Link target location: _self, _blank, _top, _parent.


Link to a bookmark (defined with name attribute).


Link which initiates an email (dependant on user’s email client).


* Help | Top

<ol> … </ol>

Ordered List

<ul> … </ul>

Un-ordered List

<li> … </li>

List Item (within ordered or unordered)

<ol type=”?”>

Ordered list type: A, a, I, i, 1

<ol start=”??”>

Ordered list starting value

<ul type=”?”>

Unordered list bullet type: disc, circle, square

<li value=”??”>

List Item Value (changes current and subsequent items)

<li type=”??”>

List Item Type (changes only current item)

<dl> … </dl>

Definition List

<dt> … </dt>

Term or phrase being defined

<dd> … </dd>

Detailed Definition of term


* Help | Top

<table> … </table>

Define a Table

<table> Tag Attributes:


Thickness of outside border


Border Colour


Space between cells (pixels)


Space between cell wall and content


Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right (*)


Background Colour (*)


Table Width (pixels or %) (*)


Table Height (pixels or %) (*)

<tr> … </tr>

Table Row within table

<th> … </th>

Header Cell within table row

<td> … </td>

Table Cell within table row

<td> Tag Attributes:


Number of columns the cell spans across (cell merge)


Number of row a cell spans across (cell merge)


Cell Width (pixels or %) (*)


Cell Height (pixels or %) (*)


Background Colour (*)


Horizontal Alignment: left, center, right (*)


Vertical Alignment: top, middle, bottom (*)


Force no line breaks in a particular cell


* Help | Top

<frameset> … </frameset>

Define the set of Frames

<frameset> Tag Attributes:

rows=”??,??, …”

Define row sizes & number of rows (size in pixels or %)

cols=”??,??, …”

Define column sizes & number of columns (size in pixels or %)


User cannot resize any frames in frameset

<frame> … </frame>

Define a frame within the frameset

<frame> Tag Attributes:


Location of HTML File for a frame


Unique name of frame window


Horizontal margin spacing inside frame (pixels)


Vertical margin spacing inside frame (pixels)


Declare all frameset sizes as fixed


Can the user scroll inside the frame: yes, no, auto


Frame Border: (1=yes, 2=no)


Border Colour (*)

<noframes> … </noframes>

Unframed content (for browsers not supporting frames)


* Help | Top

<form> … </form>

Form input group decleration

<form> Tag Attributes:


URL of Form Script


Method of Form: get, post


For File Upload: enctype=”multipart/form-data”

<input> … </input>

Input field within form

<input> Tag Attributes:


Input Field Type: text, password, checkbox, submit etc.


Form Field Name (for form processing script)


Value of Input Field


Field Size


Maximum Length of Input Field Data


Mark selected field in radio button group or checkbox

<select> … </select>

Select options from drop down list

<select> Tag Attributes:


Drop Down Combo-Box Name (for form processing script)


Number of selectable options


Allow multiple selections

<option> … </option>

Option (item) within drop down list

<option> Tag Attributes:


Option Value


Set option as default selected option

<textarea> … </textarea>

Large area for text input

<textarea> Tag Attributes:


Text Area Name (for form processing script)


Number of rows of text shown


Number of columns (characters per rows)


Word Wrapping: off, hard, soft

Special Characters

* Help | Top


< – Less-Than Symbol


> – Greater-Than Symbol


& – Ampersand, or ‘and’ sign


” – Quotation Mark


© – Copyright Symbol


™ – Trademark Symbol


 – A space (non-breaking space)


ISO 8859-1 character – replace ?? with the iso code

Miscellaneous Tags

* Help | Top

<!– … –>

Comment within HTML source code

<!DOCTYPE html … >

Document Type Definition (wiki)

<meta> … </meta>

META information tag

<meta> Tag Attributes:


Meta name: description, keywords, author


HTTP Equivalent Info: title, etc.


Information content


LINK content relationship tag

<link> Tag Attributes:


Type of forward relationship


Location (URL) of object or file being linked


Type of object or file, eg: text/css


Link title (optional)

Body Background & Colours

* Help | Top

<body> Tag Attributes:


Background Image (*)


Background Colour (*)


Document Text Colour (*)


Link Colour (*)


Visited Link Colour (*)


Active Link Colour (*)


Background Properties – “Fixed” = non-scrolling watermark (*)


Side Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer) (*)


Top Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer) (*)

(*) Important Note:

Tags marked with (*) should still work, but have been superseeded by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which is now the recommended way to change the font, colour, spacing, border or alignment of HTML elements.

Paul Tillich and I: The Courage To Be

Paul Tillich photo

Tillich 1You know this experience, sometimes when you are browsing in a bookshop you come across a book with a wonderful title. This happened to me as  student when I saw a book with this title:

“The courage to be ”

by Paul Tillich

I was going through a hard time and just the title alone helped me as no one I knew had ever said it takes courage to live well.So I bought this book and dipped in. I found it interesting and thoughtful.Sometimes I would just look at the front cover and repeat the title.I had discovered mantra a sense.

This morning I was listening to a radio programme  about poetry in England and tidying up. Suddenly my old battered copy fell out of a shelf and into my hand.And I said, thank you. Because I had  lost this companion and now it’s restored to me when I need again to say the words to help me in a personal crisis.

The Courage to Be

And to recognise the power of words on the human mind and thus to take care of  self and others and what we say to them for they too are struggling humans as we ourselves are.

And to discover virtue is not faux piety which suddenly reminded me that Tillich had a weakness for women. He was no plaster saint. I am not saying. I approve.

Had he stayed in Germany he would no doubt have been imprisoned even killed like Dietrich Bonhoeffer.He would not have been silent

Books… they save lives. I was so grateful and still am for education, books, people who talk to me .Had I lived a few years earlier it would have been different.

Tillich was expelled from Germany in 1933,the first non-Jewish theologian to have this honor bestowed on him.I never saw him but I love him for his writing.

Loneliness expresses the pain of being alone and solitude expresses the glory of being alone.
Paul Tillich

Roaming through wild poppy fields

In the land which dreams dwell in,

where love  and hate and life begin;

where swiftly the deep rivers flow

from lost lands of long ago.

I wander through wild poppy fields

Underfoot the sweet earth yields….

I see the flowering fruit trees start.

Their blossoms gather round my heart…

I hear the sparrows sing with joy

And bees their busy wings employ.

In those lost lands I saw your face

And now I long for your embrace.

Are you real or make believe?

From this earth we all take leave.

Earth to earth and ash to ash

Glory,pride and boasting pass.

Leave me now,my ghostly one

Soon I too will be called on.

Nothing lasts but truth is real

Keep the faith and your ideals..

Earth to earth ,we’ll rest in clay

We must gi ve ourselves away

Softly on this earth I roam

Seeking my love and my home

and until the very end

Love eternal may descend

What Would Plato Tweet?

Later On

Interesting NY Times column by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein:

It began when a writer friend asked me what my Klout score was. We were sitting at the sushi bar of a Japanese restaurant, the master chef assembling edible origami of torched fish and foam. My husband and I used to patronize this neighborhood place quite a lot, until a restaurant critic ruined it for us by his unrestrained rave, so that now you have to make reservations months in advance. But my friend had magically procured us two seats just like that, and when I asked him for the secret of his influence he responded by asking me about my Klout score.

I didn’t know what a Klout score was, but I was pretty sure I didn’t have one. And yes, under his raised-eyebrow questioning, it was revealed that since I didn’t use Facebook or Twitter or any of the other…

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