I want to go to bed

I want to go to bed

but someone’s standing on my head!

I don’t know what matters most

the butter or the toast.

I have looked into  your mirror

Was it cracked across in error?

I want to go to sleep

I have counted all those sheep.

My dreams are very bland.

Swiftly flows the sand.

I wake at 6 am,

My soul cries out just then.

I like to drink espresso

and  recall sweet summer colors.

I want to go to bed

But my palms have both been read

Sleep knits us together

So we won’t get married ever

My heart is made of leather

to protects me in bad weather

Why not look into your own window?

I was recalling that a few weeks ago in the dark winter I went outside.The light was on but the curtains were still open.I stood by the window and looked in,I found that exciting.The room looked more beautiful than I normally see it to be.I was more aware of the pictures on the wall which maybe I don’t always look at when in the room.I saw the bookshelves and some little objects like sea shells..and some papers and pens on the dining table.. a telephone and some coats on a stand

I think it does work best in the evening when the lights are lit.

So ,next ,I am thinking of standing on my head  and looking at the room upside down.But I shall need an intrument like a periscope unless I put a table or chair outside and stand upside down on that…so if I don’t post I could be in hospital or in a police cell! Or maybe having psychiatric treatment.But surely if it’s one’s own house and garden one should be permitted to do such acrobatic stunts..? Or I could just invert a photo!

A pity we have no feet on our heads.They could be useful like those eyes in the back of the head that some people seem to have

I believe it’s important to get new perspectives on ordinary life…. which is not ordinary at all.and it’s cheaper than drink and drugs.