What is the mind? I don’t know yet!

If you have time,try this link.It is full of sentences that give different aspects but seems to include both thought, feeling and judgment not to mention…I almost forgot,memory.

Mind ,Oxford Etymology


I have not put this here because I know what the mind is.More that after my post yesterday and the ensuing exchange I had realised I was not sure what the mind is.It’s certainly not all those silly thoughts we have as we run around the supermarket or brood on when feeling down in the dumps  [always a bad idea]

To me it’s what makes us an agent in our own life  as we can think and study our actions and our ideas [and is related to what was called Logos by the Greeks]. …but  I have a lot of studying and thinking to do,I feel it’s not me thinking but some faculty within me.I suppose that brings up the question of what is me or what am I.For example I have dreams but it’s not the conscious me that created them..they are nore clever and complex than I could think of I got a paragraph from Wikipedia

“Whatever its relation to the physical body it is generally agreed that mind is that which enables a being to have subjective awareness and intentionality towards their environment, to perceive and respond to stimuli with some kind of agency, and to have consciousness, including thinking and feeling.

Now I am going for a walk so I shall listen to what emerges

What do people most want to know about other people?

I have not carried out a survey so I shall write about what I would like to know.I’d like to know what makes you happy.I hope you are happy often.And if not what do you do.So,for me. I feel happy when I have completed some task and have a sense of achievement because then I can relax and sit staring into space because staring into space makes me feel happy.And if there is a tree there,even  better.I like to sit with maybe music but no talk.I like not to talk.If I am not happy,I do whatever I need to do as slowly and carefully as I can.And  think what I’d say to another person who felt like that:It’s alright to be sad.Be sad but don’t wallow in it.Then I’d make some tea and listen to Die Winterreisse which is very sad but it makes me feel happy…perhaps it expresses what I can’t express.

I like tea more than coffee and I like home made bread made in someone else’s home.
I am no good at sewing but I like turning up hems because using my hands makes me happy too.I would like to do more with my hands.I believe that is good for the brain.

I like going out at dusk when people put on the lights and I stare into their windows to see how they have decorated their rooms.So don’t pull the curtains,please.Is it legal?I am surprised how bare some rooms are..

I like helping blind people across the road as long as that is what they want.

I don’t like it when men push me or let doors close when I am going through.At Christmas people get very aggressive shopping;

I  used to like hearing people quote adages like

There’s many a true word spoken in jest

but I don’t think people say  such things now…. more like

What the hell are you doing playing ball in the street?

And who says now:

I am in the doldrums  [from the Ancient Mariner]

Or even,

To be or not to be.,                  That is bad for my digestion

Is this a dagger I see before me?

No,it’s the potato peeler.

Cruelty to Hilary Mantel by Giles Coren in the Times yesterday

I am a great admirer of Hilary Mantel’s novels and have been for years so I know she has had appalling health problems.The drugs she’s on make her much fatter than before… but why should that matter?

Giles Coren, call her an “inflatable Ken Dodd ” and suggests she writes because she can;t get a man.Well if Giles Coren was the last man on earth I would not date him.

HM made a very intellectual and nuanced speech last week in which she mentioned the role of Kate Middleton in the Royal family.I am unsurprised by the tabloids reaction but very much by the PM.Ed Milliband and the Times.None have read her words.

Such cruelty  is common now but not all fat people eat much and I’d rather go to bed with an obese yet charming man than any of these cruel nasties…attraction has many aspects only one of which is conventional beauty.

What to wear or not!

There is so much rubbish about what to wear;how to look thinner,sexier,hide your hips etc.If  clothes are a major issue for you there are some good choice.Imitate the late Jean Muir  and dress  in only one color.And if you find some super shoes buy 2 pairs.And why not begin to wear petticoats again…I know they are not in fashion but they keep your clothes cleaner and also keep you warmer.Anf they are pretty.I like to look pretty myself so I try.And don’t try to look thinner..drop the burden and be seen how you areIf you don’t need to dress up.women spent most of the 70’s in jeans and sweaters and no make up…that’s the hippy bohemian style.And get a good coat for winter.I see people out semi naked in the snow and ice!And they are not poor.It’s just a craze amaong the young.

Now I am going out to buy a new dress for a party

For the shy or for introverts

kitten square_3184818586

Kittens are not shy as long as Mummy is near by

I think the best way to cope with social situations is to realise other people are so caught up in their own world that they hardly notice you or your clothes.And people are  not as critical as we may fear.And that listening is a good technique.. let them talk.They will love.And try to be  proactive… well,we can try…it may take time

And from my  lamentable own failures,don’t tell jokes if you are not very good at it.Just laugh at others’ jokes and they will be happy.

hoto credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/merlijnhoek/3184818586/”>Merlijn Hoek</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>cc</a>

Like a river

Life goes on like a river flowing.So we need to flow too even if we have to navigate rocks and boulders.Sometimes it’s easy flowing downhill but landslips may block the way.But the water keeps pushing and finds a way round all obstacles.

Sometimes we may suffer and even despair.In ancient books we read that God can touch us at that moment

.It’s hard to describe but wait on God .Simone Weil wrote a book called “Waiting on God”

I find it interesting to use the words wait on in different ways.

Learn stats the silly way with Stan… illustrated by the author herself most cunningly

Stan teaches a class a sense of proportion

Stan was teaching social statistics to a group of elderly neighbors.Since he was 109 it gave them all hope to see him demonstrating his prowess with various techniques.He was planning to do some logic and philosophy too.Annie was sitting by the door so she could answer the bell if any paramedics turned up for tea.
I’m not going to calculate ” the standard deviations” he murmured.”I just want you to grasp the general purpose.”
Deviation,they’re not normal are they?” enquired his neighbor “Henry,an ex-English teacher.”So how can they be standard.It’s confusing..”
“Are you thinking of deviants?” Stan enquired calmly yet firmlililily.”Certainly not,at my age I’m a bit past that!””Still it adds a bit of excitement to the class.” he thought.
How do words in ordinary language relate to those in Statistics?”asked Henry kindlily.
“They are just more precisely defined in statistics.To say someone is a deviant is a rather vague term.”
“No,it’s not!My neighbor is a deviant.He always dresses entirely in yellow.”
“Well,that must be hard to do.Certainly unusual.” Stan agreed boldly.
“But in another country that might be the norm.So it’s a matter of context.In statistics it’s more boring.There’s a formula.It’s totally independent of context.Have you ever wondered why so many mathematicians have more than a touch of Asperger’s syndrome?”

“No,it’s not something that wanders through my mind much”replied Henry
A shudder passed through the room at hearing the wordformula“,which perhaps they considered something of a deviant!Anything with letters and numbers mixed together is certainly not welcome in many people’s minds, along with their more unusual sexual tastes,desires and inclinations which were kept secret even from themselves in many cases.

Time for tea.” called Annie,hoping to divert their attention.She carried in a platter of mouse sandwiches kindly donated by the local ambulance service and some iced Victoria sponge she and Stan had made
the day before.
“Just a quick word about next week.We’ll take a look at ratios and proportions and maybe see how that relates to the concept of rationality.”
“That sounds fun!” Annie called encouragingly.Henry decided to act on a deviant desire and fell onto her lap.”Oh,dear!” she gasped loudly as the chair collapsed under her.”Why can’t you be deviant at home?”
My wife won’t let me!” He kindlily answered.
“And look,” Stan continued,”we’ll have to ring 999.This chair is in fragments.I thought for one day we’d be able to avoid calling them out!”
“Well,life is not controllable.” said a quiet but fierce looking lady with sharp green eyes.”That’s what makes it tolerable
She then greedily consumed a large piece of iced cake .
I can stand the thinking if the cake is good” she whispered to her shy friend Amy.”That’s rather a feeble argument,”Amy retorted.”You can’t really compare cake and statistics.”
“I’ll compare anything I like!” the green eyed woman snarled loudly.
“You do what you like but you must keep a sense of proportion!”
“Now then,have you rung 999?” Stan queried of Annie.”Yes,here they are,and they’ve got a stretcher for the chair!”
“Well,that’s certainly unusual,even deviant“,Stan thought anxiously to himself.”Where do they get their funding? Is there a fund for distributing money to help chairs which are not normal?

.To be continued..

Dr Caskett

I once had a doctor called Casket.
Who kept all his eggs in one basket.
When his house set on fire,
He put them all in the fryer.
And into the flames he then tossed it.

Another of my doctors was Fred.
He  once tried to climb into my bed.
I said “je t’adore”,
As I showed him the door.
And a virtuous life I then led.

I married a doctor called Baird.
He managed to get my heart stirred.
He was as bald as a coot,
And smelled like ripe fruit.
When I talked he seemed never to have heard.

So when  I was filing a suit.
His big eyes filled up with doubt.
He said “What have I done,
That now you me shun?”
I said “Nothing,yet you looked like a brute!”

I packed  up my suitcase and left.
My hands signals were not very deft
So I walked straight ahead
And fell into your bed.
Now I’m not Baird, I’m called West.

My scruples and other thoughts

Pray Father,give me a Dressing.It is five Tweets since my last Depression
So what have you done now?
Well,as I’ve done nothing wrong today I am suffering from Pride.
You seem to think about yourself too much…maybe
How much is too much,Uncle?
Well,when we are happy and doing something we enjoy,we forget ourselves entirely.
and that is the best way to be.
But first we need some security.How can I get that.
You need a spam guard for your mind!At the moment you are on automatic which is the default setting of your brain to act like a reptile…
Thanks very much,Father,I never knew I was a reptile.Did they have scruples..
It was kill or be killed.Don’t you see the scruples are an attack on yourself?The reptile is attacking you… as you have frightening thoughts it’s annoyed.
So how do I rebutt these? thoughts
Say,Alright if I’m the most wicked man in the city,smite me and do your worst.I am not afraid any more..I have done my best and if it’s not good enough strike me dead now or forever give me peace,
And what will happen after that?
Well,we shall see.But you have to face this thing head on.Bring it to a head.Lance the boil.
So if God does smite me dead?
Well, do you really think you are so wicked because you stole a half penny from the charity box fifty years ago>
I see it’s a sort of pride… a theatrical display of guilt.
Yes, quite right.Anyway, if you survive your ordeal let me know and I’ll give it a try.
Why,don’t say you have scruples too?
Yes,I have scruples about giving advice to people.If they follow it and it’s no good… it worries me….
Why don’t we do or die together,Father?
I’ll give you a buzz.
Meanwhile am I absolved?
Yes, dear boy.Sometimes I wish I could be dissolved..
Why is that?
I’d like to lose myself.
Why not try reading a good book…I recommend Nicholas Freeling.
But I feel guilty reading.
Now look here,Father,God helps those who help themselves….give yourself a break…
A good novel, a cup of tea and a pussy on your knee,you’ll be transformed.
Thank you,my child.
Don’t mention it,Father.
Don’t mention what?
They never say.
It’s just a phrase or is it a phase?
It’s all Greek to me.
I know some very sweet Greeks or are they geeks?
Just one letter can make such a difference..
Write soon.

I think he’s gone crazy

I love you and you love me!
Where on earth should I be?
I blocked cookies all my life
If you want one,ask the wife.
I eat spam, and google then,
I begin all over again.
I ban websites for a living
But my wife is very forgiving,
Men ever!
I eat splogs and gurgle blogs
Then I cut up all the logs.
I’ve been married fourteen times,
They divorce me for my rhymes,
I eat cookies if I can,
If I can’t I get them banned,
I’m the God of Monster Space,
I’ll destroy this human race,
If you meet me you won’t know
‘Cos I look like old so and so,
But I am mad and I’ll get you
I eat up this human zoo;
Can’t forgive,erhhhh.

No comments please,we’re British.

Eat words


Set a life alight:smile at the cat
Get a  free dinner:fast all day and faint with  hunger and be hospitalised
Set a word in Wedgewood and eat it it yourself
Let all worked up folk breathe out then pause for a month
I get a fearful noise from her snoring but  what can we do? Love is almost enough
I got back in the hearse..I am dead now I realise
He gets cleaned out every night by a woman who likes brandy and dirty men
Get crushed at work:become crumbs and let birds enjoy you
I am let down.I wish I were Romeo but I am not handsome according to my sisters
Did you wet  yourself  or just sit on a wet bench to cool your bottom?
Wet and  lost:sit by my fire and perspire along with my cats
Get my sausage off the cat.. or from inside the cat or it will be mincemeat.
I get off the bus at the bus stop even if it doesn’t ,if you feel what I seem

I set off the burglar alarm and got arrested developmentally

Get out of the hedge before I strim you level
Get out of  my beer bottle and buzz in your  own hive
Get away  from my tears and let me seep wetly into a sheet
i get over the Hump by patience and slow breathing
Get the look again?Men.. what are they after?
Get to the bottom of him and photograph his rear end now
Get up off the cat… it’s gone flat.

Please relieve me,I must go…I’m bursting for a wee wee.

No I’ll never love a man again today at least.

He stole  my heart…how do they glue it?

No rhyming allowed…

Nonsense makes the heart grow mankier
 Whenever the sun rhymes,I shall chime
My face is  wholier  another soul

Do you love my new words ?I make them up now and zen

He keeps his face up his sleeve so his glasses don’t get raindrops on
How did Hercules like  my wheezes?
I like  acid best.I  still wrote a sssssharp  will o’ the wisp
A corn doesn’t fall far from the nose unless you cut it off.
Reactions speak louder than worlds.
You are so dear my own heart  feels like yours.It’s heartmony..I hope you feel the same way
Ah, to be strung  out and relished…bit by bit
I am pairing dirty laundry with dirty books…read my whips..
He is all tense like a  trapped snake. And his eyes look like ice on LSD.Steer the bell clear and go up a gear.

No  fear hurts like a cold fear.

No fear hurts like an old fear

If you are near,I know no fear