All you need to succeed is to do things differently.

How my heart sings

tie a corset back wedding dress Photo by Kaboompics .com on

Basically. all you need to succeed is to do things differently.
So, with your clothes, you wear your underwear on top  of your outerwear.Like Madonna’s corset
There is a problem.. your outwear will get dirty next  to your naked  body.So you wear antiperspirant all over and after 2 days you die.Also it’s hard to walk in a skirt when you have underpants on top and even harder to use a bathroom.Still you will get noticed
And it’s not yoiur old white cotton underwear.You need bright satin and silk

Still when the undertaker lays you  out, they will know who you are because the media tracked you and put your photo on the front page
You’ll be famous but dead.What more can anyone desire?

Nobody wil chase you like they did Princess Diana.

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Part 2
Write a novel…

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