Who are you ,?

Officer,my vocation is to care for the dying

Surely God doesn’t want you to shoot them first

Well, people live too long

Too long for what ?

For me to be practice my vocation

I think there is something wrong with you

But also something right?

Who are you, Wittgenstein ?

Never heard of dear Ludwig

Neither have I.

What a paradox!

What else have you never heard of?

Wasting too much crime

I am floating in the water in my maxi flowered dress

i don’t know where I’m going to,you just have to guess

No,I am not drowning.Nor shall I now confess

The priest was not amused, said my sins were very odd.

I shall not rely on him,I rely on God

He told another woman she was wasting too much time

She was thinking carefully to make her sin’s a rhyme

She was also envious but envy is no poem

Did Jesus die on Calvary because Love is a crime?

Religion is perverted to glorify the Strong

Aint’ it bleeding obvious that is sorta wrong ?